I built a home

I built a home

Feb 12, 2017, 7:58:23 PM Creative

I built a home


I always thought my mind was racing forward

To a path beyond the path it should take.

I thought I knew my smile had strength beyond

The will of those who would ingratiate.


When I was so much younger than I am,

I’d live from day to day without a plan –

I’d walk along the beach ‘til my feet ache,

With no need to ask myself who I am.


“Who do you want to be,” my teacher said

And all that I could think of to reply

Was; “a healthy old woman” – silly at the time

But now – well now it is my hue and cry.


I achieved where many others failed –

I’m satisfied though many others aren’t.

My path told me to walk the path I could

And led me away from the path I can’t.


And sacrifice instructed me to stay

As loss, oh loss, would lead me to succeed.

Certainty would meet me along the way –

My flower’s blooming from my garden’s seed.


From the camping ground to caravan,

From the beach-head to the sea, I’ve been

Taken on a path; my very own.

From the safety of a nucleus

To a nucleus of mine – come walk

With me on my path – I’ve built a home.

Published by Owen Tilley

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