My favourite place

Her fur was golden brown

And soft and supple as your hand

She had the benefit of being

The better half of man


The ball was green as grass

And lively as the band

It bounced like a persona –

On demand


It was the perfect shape –

As agile as she

It fitted in my hand like

When you came to me


Jumping, prancing, dancing

Atop the knoll between the seas

No athlete could beat her

In my company


Reaching out, I felt your touch

As soft and supple as her fur

And feeling more than satisfied

I fell in with and concurred


One peered over the doona

She saw, but didn’t understand

The sweetest touch of woman –

And of man


Residence be taken up –

A place that he deserved

Inside of her – my favourite place

From which I wouldn’t stir

Published by Owen Tilley


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