One day in the life

One day in the life

Apr 8, 2017, 7:45:12 PM Creative

The trickle of the stream

Was the first sound I heard

It’s too hard to describe

In just a word


The engine of the jet-ski

Roared into my mind

As open water strolled

So I could find


The flutter of the little bird

Like the trickle of the stream

Hard to know what, audibly

He meant


The fishing rod that hooks its prey

Reels it in so quick

His son says; “Dad, we can’t

Take him home to eat.”


The lead is pulled – it’s taut

She can’t wait to have a swim

I let her off the lead –

She races in


She feels something rub against her leg

The fish that’s caught and then released

He scurries from the open water

To the creek


The girl sunbakes, oblivious

To other goings-on

Her main concern’s

To get an even tan


The bird comes to sit beside her

As the boy gives the dog a pat

Her tail wags, she shakes the water

From her back


One day in the life

A communal atmosphere

The sandy beach, near my home

Over here.

Published by Owen Tilley

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