Is Polish food an exotic thing for an African?

Is Polish food an exotic thing for an African?

Polish food can be a controversy. Especialy, to those, whom home food is a controversy too. The two extreme worlds, both eating tottaly weirs stuff. What would happen if the food extremist taste some extreme foods from completely different part of the world?


The title question was the one, which didn't allow me to sleep well at night. As a person of action, I have decided to test that. Using an opportunity of living in Africa and being from Poland, I cooked some multiple Polish dishes and invited some of my friends around, to check out the cuisine of my homeland. The effect was stunning. Their reactions brought me to my knees, as I laughed so hard, I couldn't resist. 


If you are too, interested in knowing the answer, watch the video below and have a great day!




Published by Oyinbo Nwunye

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