Waking Up at 2 pm

Waking Up at 2 pm


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Waking Up at 2 pm was released on Halloween by Lil Homie GroovE, a newcomer to the hip-hop scene. The title serves as a metaphor for "growing up (or realizing things) too late”. The project is a refreshing compilation of his intrapersonal perspectives on things such as love and finances from a relatively exoteric point of view. Overall the EP does not have one sound; usually I'm wary of this, but somehow Lil Homie GroovE manages to pull it off, allowing him to appeal to a wider array of listeners.

In Lil Homie GroovE’s commonalities, his content and approach set him apart from rappers with a similar sound. In “Jack Pot" Lil Groove Homie speaks on a very personal experience about-- being “curved”. I like this track because vulnerability is made fun. One relatable track is followed by another, with “Broke Homie Dreamin' Big” (featuring Kaine the Don), a turn up record inspired by his monetary shortcomings and their contribution to his place in this established race to live up to America's lifestyle standards. “Bently Coupe” then meshes the essence of Lil Homie GroovE with his evolving self. This is proof that duality trumps all. The second to last track, “Pass the Mic”, is an overview of his life that also serves as his 'mission statement', if you will. “Spit yo game” concludes the ep with a common message to that when it is all said and done, one should “roll up”.

All in all, I really like this EP! I am impressed with Lil Homie GroovE’s uniqueness and his versatile flow, considering he's only one year in. Waking Up at 2 pm is great for those undergoing the shady transition into reality. Though it is not the most cohesive, each song’s replay-ability is great, therefor playlist friendly, which will capture and hold his audience’s attention-- critical for building a fan base! Thumbs up.

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