Where are we going?

Where are we going?

Nov 30, 2016, 3:19:30 PM Life and Styles

I have a great opinion of us, humans. We have built pyramids, we have devised vehicles to take us to the moon or commute to work, and we have fought the bubonic plague and yet returned victorious.

But I cannot forget the fact that we also project a long and creepy shadow over the Earth. One that will, one day, throw something back at us. Our lifestyle is not sustainable anymore, we know it, and we are still waiting for a worse scenario in order to do something about it. What if the worst scenario is soon to come and there won’t be a turning back?

The planet is dying, but it won’t die totally, Earth will continue far longer than the last animal passes away. The problem is whether we humans will be that last animal standing or if we are actually digging our own tomb with our actions. We cannot just put a patch in every hole and expect that things will get solved when we cannot see them.

We’ve covered Chernobyl with a huge mega structure which is the shame of the humankind. A monument to bad deeds. In addition to that, we repeat pretty much the same thing in Fukushima. Are we crazy?

In the long history of the planet there has always been moments in which mass extinction took a role in the development of new life forms. Due to human action, the sixth mass extinction we are now in –and not many know or care about it– is killing animals at an incredibly much higher rate. Can we not see there’s no way out from that?

I still believe in humankind, I still believe there is always an opposite to what’s going on in Aleppo, to the pollution, to a society more worried about Facebook than eradicating diseases… but we have to start getting our hands dirty.

Published by Paco Naranjo

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