Why are English spoken people so bad learning languages?

Why are English spoken people so bad learning languages?

The average citizen of any English spoken country will probably suck at learning a second language... but why?

No offence intended, English spoken people have actually proved among the brightest in history, people like Darwin, Edgar Allan Poe or Newton are proof of that. Despite some well intended students who overcome some inherited condition, most English spoken people will not have the attitude towards learning a second language.

The inherited truth

After years of experience on this regarding, I came up to a conclusion which is too obvious to be true, so that's why I reckon it must be after all. Empires do not learn languages, they force others to learn their own.

So did the Spanish Conquistadors with the currently spanish speaking South America, and so did the British empire with half of the world. Despite the fact of today's political situation or where you live, it is quite probable that if you are a native English speaker, you have inherited some impositions towards languages rather than predisposition to learn.

The global world

We can clearly see the importance of Spanish in today's world, with more than 500 million speakers worldwide and a clear impact in USA. However; many have not yet made up their minds for proper learning, no matter how hard they try.

But being totally honest, I'd rather give it a go for a never ending growing economy such as chinese, and we might get better use of a future use of a second language. The problem is they might have learnt to get languages imposed and would not mind speaking English at all.

The Lingua Franca

Lingua  franca is the most important language at a certain political and historical moment. The term is Latin, and it was coined back in the Roman Empire, others who did not speak any foreign language at all, but gave us their own speech.

Today's world seem to have taken English for granted in all stages, and that's fine with everybody, so that could be another reason why English speaking people seem to struggle a bit more in order to start the adventure of learning a second language, and the empire theory is just a crazy idea of mine...

Published by Paco Naranjo

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