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Hello all! I'm Paige, 31 years old and living in the HOT Southern California area. I meditate twice a day.  I am a mother to a toddler and a fiancé to a Navy Vet. I'm border line crazy and blogging keeps me sane (enough). I have opinions on pretty much every subject. My writing style is pretty eclectic. My posts cover a broad range of life because I've pretty much experienced a lot in life that I would love to share with the world. Life, spirituality, parenting, how I suck at life most days, things I hate and love ( but mostly love), relationships, and overall life experiences. I am a new blogger and would love to gain a following because writing is a huge passion of mine, so if you read something you like, please follow, comment, like or share! All comments are appreciated and adored, unless you're hateful. I don't adore hateful. I love you all and happy reading ! 

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