Harry Potter and the Cursed Child review

At the end of the last Harry Potter book and movie, I was one of those fans who wanted more. I wondered what would happen afterwards, what their life would be like now that their ultimate enemy had been defeated. I wanted to know what happened to the Death Eaters who were still alive, and the rest of the traitors after the Battle at Hogwarts. And now, this book- this play, will give us that.

I felt nostalgic opening the book. The first book and movie released when I was in grade school. The books were the biggest thing then, but more so the movies. Every time a Harry Potter movie releases, our school would have a special screening for the whole school. It was that special.

The book brings us back to that last scene at King's Cross. I always wanted the series to go on, even not for Harry, Ron and Hermione's story, but for Albus. (Album Severus Potter, in the last film, was so adorable, don't you agree? :D)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Before any Harry Potter fans complain about the new book's format - bear in mind that this book was intended for a play, so basically, it is a script of sorts. Gone are the lengthy descriptions of what they wear, where they are, and what's happening in their surroundings - this one only subtly implies where they are and where the effects on stage and the venue should be.

There's absolutely a lot of things to love in this new book. It brings back a lot of memories, yes, but it also brings back a lot of the characters (especially those who have died in the war). Comparing to the Harry Potter books of the past, this one was a hoot. I mean, if you find Ron amusing in the HP books before, you will "LOL" your way through this book with Albus and Scorpius.

One thing I particularly loved was Albus and Scorpius. I thought for a moment there this book was all about their "bromance" of sorts, not that there would have been anything wrong with that... Anyway, the chemistry between the two characters and the camaraderie was awesome, I never thought I would love HP characters more than Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Now my favorite is Scorpius. Really, and truly. :) It was also fun to read about Draco and his son's awkwardness - it shows a new side of him we only got glimpses of before.

We would also know where in the Wizardry world our heroes are now. We get to see what they do for a living now, what happened to old romances and old rivalries. We get a glimpse of their celebrity and how wizards and witches still react to them.

I really want to know what would happen if they turn this book into a movie. Imagine Robert Pattinson as Cedric diggory engorged. I had a bit of laugh picturing that.

Now that the wait is over - I know for sure I did not wait in vain. It was well worth it.

Another Potter adventure, a slightly emotional and very comical read. A bit of drama too, and a bit of romance here and there. And even though visibly shorter (must be the format) than Harry Potter books from before, this one doesn't lack in magic at all.


5 Magical Stars


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