10 Shoe Style That Perfectly Fits Different Styles of Prom Dresses

10 Shoe Style That Perfectly Fits Different Styles of Prom Dresses

Prom is one of the most anticipated events in a high schooler’s life. For instance, most girls get very excited about prom not only for the fun time with their friends or the sweet moments that they’re going to share with their dates. Most girls get excited about prom because they get to dress up in fancy prom dresses. But what’s the perfect dress without the perfect pair of shoes that perfectly go with it? 

Your shoes should have the same impact as your dress. The shoes complete the entire prom look. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of shoe designs that girls could choose from. The only disadvantage of this is that choosing the right pair of shoes for your dress could cause a dilemma.

What kinds of shoe designs are there to choose from?

So to help you decide, here are 10 shoe styles that would go perfectly with different dress designs:

  • Strappy Sandals

Strappy Sandals are very stylish and versatile. These sandals are also comfortable to wear and won’t give your feet any trouble as you dance the night away. Most of the strappy sandals come in flats, which are adorable and feminine when paired with a simple and flowy prom dress. 

The advantage of wearing flat strappy sandals if you’re wearing a long dress is that people won’t know that you’re wearing flats, and you’ll still be comfortable dancing and standing for the whole night. Moreover, there are also strappy sandals that come with heels. This will give an elegant vibe to your look. 

Both kinds of sandals look great, just make sure to prioritize comfort over style. Don’t forget to bring your strappy sandals during your fitting sessions in any prom store in NJ. This way, you can double-check how well the shoes go well with the dress.

  • Block Heels

Block heels are probably the most secured heels to walk in, as they help maintain balance and stability because of their broad base and block-shaped heels, as the name suggests. It is great for a long night of dancing and fun. 

Pair this with any long gown, and make people wonder how you’re able to have fun all night without your feet hurting one bit. Some wedding dresses in NJ can double as prom attire, so if you visit our bridal boutique in central NJ for a fitting session, don’t forget to bring your block heels with you.

  • Ankle Strap Heels

A shoe with a pointed toe and a belt around the ankle gives off a sexy and formal vibe to your overall outfit and makes it perfect for just any prom dress that you’ll choose to wear on your prom day. The belt around the ankle will prevent your feet from slipping from the shoes. 

Pairing your ankle strap heels with any long gowns with a slit will surely accentuate your legs. The slits are also a good excuse to show off your shoes. Looking for the perfect gown with a slit that would go well with your ankle strap heels? Visit our bridal salons in NJ and we’ll help you find your perfect dress.

  • Pumps

Pumps can be worn casually. It is great for any kind of occasion, especially prom. These kinds of shoes fit any kind of dress and style. Just pick the right color that goes well with the prom dress you have chosen and you are good to go!

  • Wedges

Like the block heels, wedges also help you walk easily no matter the height of the shoes. You’ll never go wrong wearing these kinds of shoe styles even when you are not used to wearing heels. You can wear it the whole day and night without feeling sore.

  • Ballerina Flats

If you’re the type of girl who can’t walk well with heels, this shoe style is for you! Ballerina flat shoes are inspired by ballet shoes. If you are afraid of taking the risk of injuring your ankles because of the heels, then ballerina flats are perfect for you. It offers different designs and colors, so choose the one that compliments your dress. 

Pair your ballerina flats with a floor-length gown, and they won’t even notice that you’re not wearing heels! Visit our dress store and choose from our wide variety of floor-length gowns that would go well with your ballerina flats.

  • Stilettos

Stilettos look very glamorous and would truly look amazing with any dress. However, it can also be a nightmare for us ladies due to its very thin heels. It can also be a bit pricey, FYI. But despite the cons, stilettos are just every girl’s dream at a dress store in NJ. It would make such a statement if you’ll wear it on your prom night.

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