Handy Tips To Have A Great Experience With A Clairvoyant

Handy Tips To Have A Great Experience With A Clairvoyant

Sep 14, 2021, 4:45:09 AM Life and Styles

Clairvoyants are people with a special gift to see into the past, present, and future. They can see beyond what the five senses perceive. Clairvoyants have the extrasensory perception (second sight) allowing them to see events, objects, and people beyond reality. This allows seeing things before they actually happen. Some clairvoyants harness their power to look into the past known as retrocognition. When planning to consult a clairvoyant, here are handy tips to help you make have a great experience.

Recommendations and testimonials

Word of mouth marketing is very effective when looking for a credible service provider. So, before you check out a clairvoyant, ask friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors, where they have had an experience with one before. Alternatively, you can search for a clairvoyant online. However, you have to do due diligence.

A good idea is to check out recommendations and testimonials from their past customers. Doing this will make it easier to locate an authentic clairvoyant. You can do the search on social networks or networking sites. The rule of thumb is to reach customer reviews and comparing feedback. 

Use a psychic directory

It is a good idea to get genuine clairvoyant readings online for convenience and affordability. Given the current situation, today, where social distance is the new normal, finding a clairvoyant online, is ideal. However, you have to take time to find a good source of service providers. Fortunately, you can easily find a pool of clairvoyants when you check an online directory of psychic service providers.

Regardless of whether you need a fortune teller or someone to interpret your dreams, you will find the right person here. The good thing is the chance to get free psychic and tarot readings online. Apart from saving you money, it also allows getting the service from a place of your convenience. You have a chance to browse the directory to see the various packages available for each session.

Price comparison

When looking for a clairvoyant, you have to mind about how much you are to put in. Since you’re searching online, don’t ignore doing a price comparison of potential service providers. Fortunately, doing this just requires opening a few tabs with some mouse clicks. Although some clairvoyants offer a free trial session, it is just to give you a feel of their service and level of professionalism.

Keep in mind that a high cost doesn’t guarantee the best service. In equal measure, going for a clairvoyant with the lowest price might not be a great idea. The rule of thumb is to go with a clairvoyant charging a market competitive price. Make a price comparison while keeping their offerings in mind.

Not all readers are clairvoyants

By now you know that finding a clairvoyant online is the right thing to do. However, you have to be extra careful since not everyone who reads is a genuine clairvoyant. A simple Google search with the right keyword will bring thousands of results. Each purported clairvoyant will be promising to read your future and past. However, you can’t rely on this. Gaining an understanding of your future requires knowing how to tell that you’re dealing with a genuine clairvoyant.

You have to tell someone compassionate about reading your future honestly. So, this clairvoyant will have good feedback from past clients highlighted on their website. Be wary of clairvoyants who right away tell you that you have a curse. These just want to entice you to pay them to break the purported spell. Equally important is to look out for a clairvoyant who requests advance payment before your session begins. Such a person is likely to have a non-refundable fee policy.

Some of the qualities that tell that you’re dealing with an authentic clairvoyant include:


A clairvoyant picked from an online directory will give a prediction with accurate outcomes. This is because the directory will have done the hard work for you of verifying the authenticity of its members. A genuine clairvoyant relies on spiritual guidance to read your future not random predictions. This ensures that the readings are more than 90 percent accurate.


Genuine clairvoyants never change their predictions. For each session you have with the clairvoyant online, make sure to remember their statements from the last session.


This is a very important virtue for clairvoyants. A reliable clairvoyant will give you accurate results from your session whether positive or negative. So, you always have to be with an open mind before your session. A clairvoyant who is after minting money from clients always gives positive results that are usually false to appease clients.

Bottom line

Regardless of your reason to seek a clairvoyant, you have to be sure that you’re seeing the right person. The place to pick a genuine clairvoyant is on an online directory after checking their testimonials and reviews from past clients.

Published by Pamela Johnson

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