7 Important Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

7 Important Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

Oct 20, 2021, 4:54:26 AM Life and Styles

Basically, a podiatrist is a doctor that is an expert in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of foot and ankle-related injuries and problems.

Although, not many people think of going to a podiatrist until they start having a foot or ankle condition that needs specialized care. 

So, if you are one of those people that has never considered seeing a podiatrist, you are apparently missing out on the foot care that you require.

So, if you are in Houston and suffering from a foot and ankle injury or any other foot-related problem, then it is time to consult a podiatrist in Houston at Nagler Foot Center.

Also, the following are a few important to visit a podiatrist:

1. You Feel Aches and Pains 

If you have changed your routine and lately have begun feeling aches and pains in your lower legs and feet suddenly. Or has your schedule changed because you started working out at the gym, a new hobby, or a new job, which could have affected your feet. For instance, many people suffer from foot pain after beginning to go to the gym while working out or after getting pregnant. And these difficult changes in your lifestyle have an extensive effect on your foot health. Hence, if you are experiencing any foot or ankle pain after a routine change, then it is time to visit a podiatrist before your symptoms get worse.

2. You Have Flat Feet


Flat feet refer to feet that lack a natural and proper arch in the middle. People are usually born with this condition or develop it due to inappropriate footwear or injury. Regardless of the reason, flat feet can harm the health of your feet and create uncomfortable symptoms. If you have foot pain and think you might have flat feet, then you should definitely see a podiatrist. If you do not have symptoms right now, you could still develop them in the future. A podiatrist can advise you on preventive care that will keep your feet good and healthy.


3. You Feel Pain in Your Heels

If you sense pain in the heels of your feet, you might be suffering from a condition called plantar fasciitis. The most common symptom of plantar fasciitis is a sharp pain in the heels instantly after waking up or after sitting in the same place for a long period of time. So, it is better to seek treatment as soon as possible because this particular problem continues to get worse with time.

4. If You Feel a Prior Injury Is Affecting Your Feet Now

Everyone experiences injuries once in a while; and after they heal, we seem to forget about them completely. Nonetheless, a lot of injuries can have long-term effects, most of which are foot injuries. If you had a foot injury a month or years back and have recently experienced pain or other issues, get it checked by a podiatrist as soon as possible. Because your old injury could be the cause, and you might even require further treatment to solve the problem.

5. You Have Diabetes


If you have diabetes, then it is important for you to remain extra careful about foot care and health, because then you are more likely to lose sensation in your feet and develop ulcers and wounds that can result in infections. Diabetics are mainly at high risk of losing limbs related to these problems. Hence, if you are a diabetic, whether you feel certain symptoms in your feet or not, visit a podiatrist on a regular basis to evaluate the health of your feet.


6. You Have an Ingrown Toenail

Do you know that an ingrown toenail is more than just a minor painful annoyance? Sometimes, ingrown toenails can become infected and need medical care. So, in order to avoid difficulties, visit a podiatrist if your ingrown toenail is still there even after a few days and if your symptoms are severe, such as redness, discharge, and heat within the ingrown toenail area.

7. You Play a Sport

People who have a pretty active lifestyle or who regularly play sports are more likely to have foot or ankle injuries or problems. Wherein, a podiatrist can help and advise you to keep your feet healthy so that it doesn’t affect your performance in any negative way. So, do not wait for an injury to form before getting the advice and care of a podiatrist.

So, are you ready to finally see a podiatrist for your foot or ankle issue or injury? Visit the experienced and skilled podiatrists at Nagler Foot Center, and see how they can easily change the health and function of your feet today.



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