Broadloom vs. Carpet Tiles: Making The Right Choice

Broadloom vs. Carpet Tiles: Making The Right Choice

Nov 3, 2020, 6:23:16 AM Life and Styles

There are many different options when it comes to deciding which floor you should have down. Of course, in some cases you’re restricted by the room. For example, the kitchen needs a waterproof and stain-resistant floor covering as it is likely to have spills on it.

But, bedrooms and living rooms are a different matter, the options are wide open. Two options that are commonly considered are broadloom and carpet tiles, but which one is right for you at home and at the office?


This traditionally comes in large rolls with a minimum width of 12 feet (4 meters). Broadloom is a type of carpet that needs to sit on a substrate. The carpet pad is cut to create a firm and even base under the broadloom carpet. The broadloom is then maid across the top.

The result is a carpet that has plenty of bounce and offers insulation, both sound and heat. This is a benefit on most situations. You’ll also find that broadloom carpeting is available in a huge range of colors and patterns, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

The higher quality broadloom also has a moisture resistant backing to prevent damp rising into your floor. It is also treated to be stain resistant and any join lines can be hidden using chemical welding.

In general this is a cheaper option that carpet tiles.

However, you should note that the installation process does create a significant amount of wasted broadloom, negating some of the cost savings. It’s also very difficult to repair this type of flooring if it becomes damaged. You’ll normally have to remove an entire section to replace/repair damage.

Carpet Tiles

But, that doesn’t mean your mind should be made up yet! Choosing high-quality carpet tiles means you’re opting for a more convenient and practical flooring solution.

Carpet tiles can go straight onto the substrate, there is no need for a carpet pad. This makes it much easier to install. The best approach is to mark the centre of the room and work outwards. Carpet tiles are easy to cut and shape, allowing you to create perfect edges around any room.

It’s also worth noting that a carpet tie can be easily removed in the future to be cleaned or replaced, if it has become damaged. You can replace one time or an entire section. It’s substantially cheaper than replacing sections of broadloom.

Carpet tiles are generally plain, although they are available in a wide range of color choices. Of course, they can be purchased with patterns but you may need to align the designs properly when laying the tiles. That’s not something that most people choose to do.

You should note that the seam lines are visible with carpet tiles. This can be said to be part of the overall effect.

Final Decision

The final choice is yours but both options are durable and attractive. You simply need to choose the one that goes best with your vision for your space. It’s that simple.

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