How to Choose the Best Car Accident Attorney for Your Case


How to Choose the Best Car Accident Attorney for Your Case

Aug 6, 2022, 7:43:15 AM Opinion

Getting involved in a car accident is something no one prays for. To make matters worse, when you get involved in a car accident, insurance companies will be reluctant to offer compensation even after you’ve incurred heavy medical bills. That explains why you need a good car accident lawyer.

Consider the following factors before you pick a lawyer:

1. Experience

A good personal injury attorney should have several years of experience in this field. The lawyer should know the leading causes of car accidents so they can file your case in a way that will help win your case. Look for an attorney with an excellent track record who is respected by the community or even insurance companies. 

2. Fees

Hiring an attorney isn’t cheap, especially if the lawyer is reputable. However, good car accident attorneys can take up your case even if you don’t have the money upfront. This is because they are sure they will win the case, so you can get your compensation and pay them. 

Most attorneys will take a percentage of your compensation, known as a contingency fee, which is normally about 33%. Typically, your lawyer will ask you to pay for the expert witness, filing, and potentially other fees from the settlement. 

Make sure you read an attorney’s fee agreement and understand it before hiring him. 

3. A Professional Office

Any attorney worth his salt must have a professional office that is well-furnished, looks professional, and has the personnel and all other resources needed to handle cases. It’s not advisable to deal with briefcase lawyers that operate from coffee shops or other public places. 

The first impression you get when you get into a lawyer's office should tell you whether the lawyer is worth hiring. Also, check how the office is organized and how the staff members interact with you and other clients.

4. Approachability

A good lawyer should be approachable in the sense that you can feel free to ask them questions and explain your case. They should be good listeners and be caring and compassionate. 

Your attorney is someone you are going to work closely with, so you need someone you feel comfortable around. If you aren’t comfortable with an attorney, your case can be hampered.

5. Communication

Before your case begins and when it progresses, you have many questions that need answers. You need a lawyer who is available to respond to your questions and explain to you the steps of your case

The lawyer should simplify the legal jargon to help you understand what’s going on. A lawyer that keeps you in the dark and is not available to answer your questions or takes a long time to respond is not worth hiring.

6. References

A lawyer that has handled many car accident cases successfully should not shy away from providing you with a list of references you can speak to. And when you contact the references, they should be able to confirm the qualifications, reputation, and success of the lawyer. 

The fact that a lawyer is ready to provide you with their references is a clear indication that they are honest and trustworthy. 

Let an Expert Attorney Win You a Settlement

Remember that hiring a lawyer is the same as hiring other professionals. You want to find someone who will handle your case professionally until you get compensated. 

If you have relatives or friends who’ve had a similar experience, you can ask them for recommendations. But don’t hire the first lawyer you interact with. Instead, interview a few lawyers so you can identify and pick the best.

Published by Pankaj Sharma

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