Importance Of Having High-Security Privacy Door locks

Importance Of Having High-Security Privacy Door locks

Sep 23, 2020, 10:13:34 AM Business

Irrespective of what space you are in, when it comes to having a safe and private time of your own, the first thing you check is the locks. As unimportant as they might seem, the locks secure the space for you, ensuring that you are absolutely alone, safe and have a little time to yourself. In a public space where you are being pushed around like sheep, having a private moment to yourself might seem next to impossible. Whether it is a reading room, changing room or even a public washroom - people sometimes end up banging up the door and even barging in without knowing if someone had already occupied the space. And hence, the need for privacy door locks - that indicate the ‘in-use status’ so that people get to know that they should wait and not just shout or bang the door continuously.

Advantage Of The Occupancy Indicator

It might just be possible that even with the locks and all the safety provisions in them, you are able to have the private moment to yourself. That’s because most of the people do not stop trying to get in even when they know that the door is locked or closed. This is the reason why top locks companies, like Vizilok, have come up with privacy door locks with occupancy indicators. These privacy locks with occupancy indicators can be used in several places, especially restrooms, make-up rooms, study/reading rooms, etc. After all, when you are in the process of doing these respective tasks, you wouldn’t want people asking for you to get out or people simply trying to knock and get in. Even though they are quite basic, the importance of these privacy door locks can not be emphasized more.

Why Go For Privacy Locks?

Now that you know why such locks are important, let us come to the reasons why you might need such locks, especially when you are building a commercial or public space or even if you are visiting one.

1.    Avoiding oops moments and encounters

Imagine changing your clothes or trying out a new outfit and some stranger simply manages to push through the door without even knowing if you are there inside or not.

Worse - what could happen if you are answering nature’s call and all of a sudden, are disturbed several times with people banging on the door, asking again and again why the door isn’t opening or if someone is inside. Awkward as hell, right? That is what a privacy door lock with occupancy indicator avoids - people get to know when space is in use and they wouldn’t disturb the individual inside unless it is a case of an emergency.

2.    Ensuring the safe and private experience

Not just avoiding awkward experiences and oops moments, these privacy doors locks will ensure that you have a safe and private experience to yourself. Not only that, but you also will not be disturbed and do not have to fear people coming in at any point in time. After all, irrespective of the public space you are in, safety and privacy will always be on your mind first.

Types of Privacy Door Locks

Before we get to where all such locks with occupancy indicators can be used or are currently used, let us understand the types of locks, based on their mechanism.

Deadbolt - Cylinder combined with a mortise lock, it is one of the safest locks out there. However, it is for this very reason that several commercial spaces do not use these locks as they are highly unreliable and unbreakable in case of emergencies.

●  Latchbolt - Installed with the knob itself, it is one of the cheapest ones in the market and is not very durable, not really recommended.

●  Stall Lock - With a thumb turn mechanism, this happens to be one of the most common locks which are not very durable and doesn’t even offer complete security with privacy.

Privacy door locks are best used for the following spaces -

●      Storage rooms

●      Shopping centers - changing rooms

●      Reading rooms

●      Dressing rooms

●      Lactation rooms

●      Medical offices

●      Public washrooms

If you are a business owner or are an individual who is a regular at a public space, you should always go for privacy door locks. Even though there are many of them out there in the market, you should always trust locks from a reliable company/brand. While choosing the best privacy locks with occupancy indicators, you should also consider durability, the design, mechanism as well as the ease of use. After all, it should guarantee privacy and safety without being too complex to operate!

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