5 Tips to Improve Customer Experience


5 Tips to Improve Customer Experience

Oct 11, 2022, 6:34:52 AM Business

The customer experience, also known as CX, determines the success of your business. It refers to the attitude that consumers have toward your brand. 

The CX is based on customers' cumulative or one-off experiences and interactions with your company from when they make the first call to when they place an order. Mishandling that first call can turn off a potential client, losing revenue for your business.

You can follow the five tips below to avoid such a scenario.  

1. Provide a Multi-Channel Communication System

Different customers prefer different communication channels. While some would rather talk with a representative on the phone, others may favor direct messages or emails. 

It's best to have multiple channels so your customers can choose what they like most. Make it possible to be reached through phone, email, social media, and your website. 

Additionally, make sure you establish a technology-backed enterprise contact center with click-to-call software so trained, knowledgeable, and experienced personnel can answer all questions thrown at them by your potential customers.

2. Pay Attention to Feedback

According to Microsoft, 52% of customers expect companies to act on their feedback. Customer feedback provides useful insight into your business's reputation. Most of this feedback points out areas that need improvement, so you should feel free to ask for feedback and act on it promptly. 

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, consider placing a suggestion box near the exit. You can also create simple surveys on your website or social media platform where your customers can share their opinions.

3. Personalize Your Services

Each client is unique, and they expect to be treated as such. Treating each customer in a way that makes them feel valued will turn them into loyal customers. For example, how you deal with a teenage client should be different from how you deal with adults. 

One simple way of personalizing your customer service is by encouraging your reps to address patrons by their names. Some clients like to be addressed by their titles, such as doctor or professor. Use discretion, however, as other clients prefer not to be addressed by their professional titles outside of work.

4. Have a Professionally-Designed Website

A website is crucial for passing your brand's message to the masses. Your website could be the first place your potential patrons will interact with your business, so it has to be attractive, mobile-responsive, and have high-quality content. 

Ensure the website has videos explaining how your services work or how customers can use your products. Studies show that approximately 69% of customers prefer chatbots, so do not hesitate to include one on your website to assist visitors with general questions.

If you are operating an e-commerce site, ensure you have many payment options and that the payment system is safe and secure. Furthermore, do not forget to make the purchase process simple. 

5. Train Your Employees About Customer Service

If you have a big company with many employees, every employee should learn how to handle customers. You never know who among your employees will interact with a patron first; it could be the watchman, the secretary, or even one of your senior staff. Invite an expert to teach all your employees how to handle customers and the benefits of offering customer-forward services. 

In Conclusion

The success of your company depends on how you deal with your buyers. Treat them well, and they will be your brand ambassadors. Mistreat them, and they will influence others never to buy from you. 

Using these tips, you can create a strong bond between your brand and your customers, which will translate to more revenue. 

Published by Pankaj Sharma

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