The Human Error

The Human Error

Sep 14, 2016, 10:44:51 AM Creative

Is it the nature of man to forget?

To forget the hand that fed him

When he starved?

To forget those who clothed him

When naked?

And those who comforted him

When in sorrow?

Is it a man’s nature to forget?

When he finds a solid ground

Is it all about him and none else?

To enjoy the goodness of the land alone

Who knows the reason?

The reason behind his uplifment

Maybe it is to bless others.

To feed the hungry,

Like he once was.

Is wealth such a deceiver?

That which blinds the upright?

Controlling their desires,

Thoughts and actions?

Be careful you who is being blessed with it

That you do not use it for the wrong reasons,

But to praise and Glorify Him.

The One who gives the strength to possess



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