Have a Break! 5 Simple Ways to Re-Organizing Your Days

Have a Break! 5 Simple Ways to Re-Organizing Your Days

Jul 5, 2016, 2:22:10 AM Business

It was a super hectic workdays we have and we got so little 48 hours to plan the next 40 hours of work week ahead of us and the cycle goes on even if we decided to stall the task at hand the hour after hour will commence even if we are not looking at it. It’s an obvious 48/40 time management thing we have here and it will rely on how difficult or easy a job routine we have, add the preparation prior to the job hours itself including but not limited to waking up early, dressing up, sipping coffee to induce alertness, taking the wheel to work, park the car and hop in to the elevator and finally entering the workplace with your identity thin mark biometric recognizable data and there you go ready to start working For the next 8-9 hours of the day.Then you call it a day for work when darkness engulf the outside view of your seat. You hit the biometry, line for the lift down-ride, exit the building, unlock your car and drive home for the next 45mins – 1.5 hours of a less than 6 km distance travel that doubly drains you than the entire 8 hours work. It’s totally insane hearing those stories and repeatedly heared more to every smart guys outside the cafeteria. Seems not that smart for me. 

Let’s get it straight to the topic of breaking the rules when needed and realize the unforeseen rewards it can bring to your daily routine. Am sharing to you my 5 simple ways in re-organizing 40/48 which am sure will be helpful too with your daily woes. 

  1. Have a Break in Doing The  Planning Wisely thing as we are all aware that even with the greatest planned activity written and tabulated in a step by step manner, we failed, and it’s not a thing to whine about but a series of lesson to learn about. Pause for a while and leave the planning sequence for a bit to gather some fresh minds and fresh legs if your into active sports training. Revisit the previous tried and tested ways or manual that effectively deliver the total output you’ve been wanting. Maybe it’s time to think again if its still viable to use a system that needs re-burn or reformatting just to have it understand and accepted as done. Have a break and throw that planners! It’s a record of unsuccessful written scripts that piles up your cluttered mind and psychologically stop you to proceed according to what is more practical and doable in a sense it is being required at that moment in time. Decision making does need not to be perfect but it always need to be acceptably compromisable to all parties involved.
  2. Have a Break in Making Promises and Catch Up Thing  the idea is to go down the bottom of the all pending works at hand, trapping yourself into the middle of the Old & New task is a big mistake we do unconciously at work, play and even relationship. Have you ever forgotten the virtue that says for every door closes a series of windows open up ? Because life is a cycle and so the work you’re involved at. It’s a role we must play to make something work and a role we must not play also to make the work progress. Avoid the silly ideas of a superman thinking that you can catch up because you’re good at it and the egoistic challenging pride it makes you to face it big time. And you failed, again. Hey am not trying to teach you to be a pessimist here but am just warning you to be realistic everytime of the day and that’s how simple it is. Isn’t it a better idea to add hands to ensure that a big ticket project or account will be delivered ahead of time for at least 24 hours grace period for your internal cross checking prior to submission? Don’t unleash the superhero in you if you can have it done with the help from reliable and tested co-superhero you have in the group. Catching up is good but in the nick of time you should not. Avoid accepting new task until after you’re down with last one. Have a good break in those situation and it all start with a remarkable acceptance of your net power capacity to finish work in a given 8 hours period. 
  3. Have a Break in Multi-Tasking style of work. This breaks up the core discipline of an acceptable certified business competence, systems quality thus jeopardizing the integration put up by the management. The step by step procedure is a sure way to eliminate failure and return to the start period of works. Do what is being expected from you in accordance to the agreed  and signed contract you have and help the company, grow by putting your extra mile effort to perfect the task given. Do not try to be the jack of all trades master of nothing as this will only compromise your credibility and integrity. Avoid voluntary work when a quality management system is in place to eliminate improper actions that’ll curl up the records come certification audit validation time. 
  4. Have a Break Doing Redundant Office Meeting if you are a CEO/COO or a President of a small or big company with dreams of making it at par with the movers and shakers of the industry, think about limiting the internal conferences that has an advance schedule of management committee meeting in all Monday’s of the month for the whole year ahead as this becomes the breeding ground of incompetence within the core group. It becomes habitual norm for those members of the mancom to put up real work 2 days before the meeting and sow ineptness given the high level type of commitment that ends in various follow ups and sometimes kept for a longer period of time in the Minutes of the Meeting handouts. Doing surprise or unscheduled management committee conference will restore order in the company  and lights up the sales board if you’re into marketing business and ensure billings are submitted on time does reassuring your cashflows on-check. Micro-meetingis a little better than the traditional weekly one. Try it and  observe the positive effect it’ll create not only to the core group but with support level as well. It’ll bring a change that everybody wanted to see making each day filled with excitement with focal point at figures related to incentives and other perks. Have a break and do it sometimes wearing your casual jeans for a subtle and effective down to earth character of power.
  5. Have a Break in Grinding Your Staffs , Issuing NTE’s and Warning Memos, in short Refrain or Relax the Issuance of Memos everybody wanted a disciplined, dedicated, deserving working team but it’s a pricey walls you need to maintain such team whom are products of extra ordinary academic performance with the highest expectations to their respective careers and life visions thus it cannot be discounted to enlist average workforce who are “willing to be trained” as they’ve stated in their curriculum vitaes and work overtime when needed during the interview. Memos tend to sow terror sort of acceptance to the staffs making them move from one fence to another seeking to find employers who’ll understand their predicament. I bet you’ll all agree that only a handful of company can show a hundred percent workforce attendance during Monday’s including the mancom level. Empower the core and support group through the relaxation of these HRD papers that only fattened the 201 files of each workers or staffs. By having a break with the Policy, this will unleash the workforce to give their best without avarice. It’s a healthy environment both in mental and physical presence of the group. Good vibes and camaraderie in its perfect form will annihilate the gap between all levels of of the organization and instill the discipline of a dedicated and well deserving group within the four walls of the company.

By having a break doesn’t mean you have to do things or biggest changes or introduce out of the box ideas in a radical way but wittingly test the outcome by pondering your next big move towards a greater result you’ve been aspiring for. Paquito


Your ideas are far better and I am very much interested hearing it. Thank you for having a break reading this blog.

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