The world have broken its barriers. The travel time going to any place has been faster than ever. The life of a man have become such an easy task that most of the things we wanna do can be done in a click of a finger. Book a flight, buy your food and check your financial status become so handy and amazingly transpose this world into a world of million of possibilities. But how do you spell sadness with such technology that bridges the gap of loneliness and away from the physical world of your love ones? Let us explore the inconvenient facts of living alone and away from home.



We used to share laughs and a little touch on your face , now i cant for all i can see are memories of forever….

They say it’s only for a little while, a little while that feels beyond my imagination of how we define infinity. That being away is the most saddest part in a man’s life and to his heart. The smell of a morning breeze engulfing the warmth of a home, the sound of the whistling trees kissing your face during dusky afternoon these are indeed are the things that technology can’t imitate nor replace just to escape boredom and being alone. If we have the best technology they’ve been clamoring then we shouldn’t be trapped in this oneness and solitude. 


For an adventurer, being alone is power, being away is strength but we are all programmed to be in a situational convergence to achieve emergence. We must evolve with everyone that matters to our lives and it’s by choice we put pristine acts of togetherness and be happy about it. For a barrier to be broken is a gap we are bridging. We are all wanderer always beseeching consolation for any moment that transpire in our life. 

For a person on a mission, the firm thought process of “this is just a temporary sooner I’ll be in my old ways, place and love ones” but how temporary it is when we are on a mission where somebody is relying to that temporary mission? It is a never ending process of true acceptance of the truth that we are indeed in a temporary-permanent solitude. That the sole reward at the end of the mission is a stronger and fulfilled dreams of a man for his children which must come along his grated hair and ruffled skin, slowed by age we never be the same again for being away have been the sacrificial lamb of dreams we did for a mission. 

For us who are heroes to our children, being alone means surprises, that one day we’ll be back in their arms again with their favorite chocolates perhaps much awaited toy. As being alone for more than half of the day, and half of the month into the year simply translates into realms of fact and again acceptance that we must face even in this technology driven world. 

For as long we have our parents and love ones walking above the earth, we must pay dearly respectable visits to while away the loneliness, the hours and days of being away that makes them reminisce all the mischiefs and good deeds we have that openly unfold in their eyes during our younger years. For living alone and away is not proper for everyone as long as our love ones are not yet immortalized in bricks and stone which is the only time they should feel living forever away and alone. 

Respect begots respect, love our parents while they’re still living with us away and alone. 

Thank you for taking time reading this blog as am sure we are not living away and alone forever. Paquito

Published by Paquito Montero

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Jul 14, 2016, 2:38:56 PM

Thanks VJ ! keep on reading and am happier to hear your honest comments soon.

Jul 13, 2016, 8:19:27 PM


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