Success 101 The ALDUB Phenomenon Why They’re the Most Inspiring Love Team on Philippine TV right now

Success 101 The ALDUB Phenomenon Why They’re the Most Inspiring Love Team on Philippine TV right now

Over a year ago in the local television noontime show Eat Bulaga unknowingly found a new something it’s loyal patrons will look for and add more excitement to the always exciting longest running variety show in the Philippine television whose trio are all successful in the tv, ads, movies, politics and even love life. Better known as Tito, Vic & Joey whose every life stories are also a great source of inspiration to all aspiring comedians and actors of comic genre. 

It was in the segment of All for Juan – Juan for All the three comic hosts notice the “crush” notion of Yaya Dub officially known in person as Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza, born in Sta. Maria Bulacan on the 3rd summer Month of 1995 who is very popular in the dubmash nation of the Internet video industry to the young and mestizo looking guy with a screen name as Alden Richards or Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr., 24 from Sta Rosa Laguna who started his tv career as a contestant with GMA Network talent show.

The uneasiness of Yaya Dub when Alden’s face were flash on the other half of the television screen clearly registered the young and innocent adoration for a neat looking guy which were captured by the trio and started teasing Yaya Dub and the next happen so they say is history. Every woman dreams or aspires for their Prince Charming to be the perfect and the give it all attitude they wish for. This is a clear sign of involuntary thirst for success . Everybody works hard for it, turning night into day just to reach the goals and target. And the sad but true things about success is, there is no shortcut to it. 

Before ALDUB , both Maine and Alden are busy with their respective life. School and odd jobs were part of their routine like a normal person of their own stature. It was the craft for an innate talent which we all have and differs only as to how we make the most out of it or how we perfectly hone that’ craft to be accepted as a product of anything under the sun by our peers and friends alike. Who could have predicted that Maine’s talent in lipsynching more popular as dubs mash will create a long list of product endorsement and a job as a segment host of a popular tv show? It was the talent extraordinaire in dancing and singing that brings Mr Faulkerson to what’ he is right now? It was their thirst for success, the class act they share both on and off the camera that made them phenomenal not only in the television but in the Internet or social media as well. That largest numbers in terms of million tweets have change if not altered the fastest way to the road of succes and its due for a fact that the love team they’ve shown and the continued down to earth attitude made this tv couple a blast for the ages who knew how to watch tv and surf the net.

Success as they said comes in many forms or colors, it should be coming from a desire that you wanted to perfect. An urgency you wanna make to make change and be accepted within the standard norms of the society. It is the story that captures the heart of a million fans around the globe whose definition of love, respect and simplicity breaks the barriers of language and common genre of a tv and the silver screen love team. Gone are the words of serious lines but common and mass appealing humor-amourous words to hear for somehow tricked into a handy words to win a woman’s heart for a man who can’t even open up a conversation and taken as a serious guy to talk to. 

The humble pair is like a duo can be likened to gladiators of the historic Roman periods where Veni Vidi Viciwere the only motivational words to execute things accordingly with utmost care of self preservation to old norms and good cultural traits sealing the package of success. 

But success has its limits, it is not a thing that’ll last forever, and it is into how we ensure things proceed successfully after success is the only way we can consider that we are successful . You can be either an average or extraordinary person at your own will who have the talent to show to the world and your peers, be successful about it without the fear of failure and never ending challenges. As it is after we conquered our fears to fail where we can found success big time.

Success is earned not borrowed, a thirst for a drop of it will put colors unto your entire world. Paquito

Published by Paquito Montero

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