The Wider Depth of Reflections

The Wider Depth of Reflections

Jul 5, 2016, 2:33:49 AM Creative

Interior designs evolution can be dated back to the ages, cavemen had it done with the way they converge inside the cold, dark and moistened place they called home. Walls scripture and etchings are a prominent shows of their ideas and beliefs. Areas were so arranged in a way it was comfortable to their sizes and likes. Tools then were huge and nomadic that the biggest mirror on earth were already existing in the form of any bodies of water under the bright sunshine above and in the eyes of the beholder of how they saw themselves through reflections.

Architectural design cyclical revolutions greatly influenced the make, texture, shade and ambiance of the interior spaces parallel to its height and breadth magnifying its functions and beauty. The same evolution comes in every form of every material that are safe for human use continue to flood the market boasting added factor of style, comfort and look.

It is the ordinary not so prominent material that is always sometimes neglected or forgotten which has the endless sophistication, magical effect of inculcating the minds and perception of the viewer which is the mirror. Thoroughly it communicates the exact opposite in the truest form of accuracy. The vivid details it reflects and the astonishing vibrancy it makes to any space it can be found, ceilings, walls and even floors. Black mirrors creates a sheen of elegance and formality opposite the pallet shaded blocks that gives the positive disproportional effects. The fragile  idea of giving the viewer the wider perception and a little but strong exploration of his inner thoughts on how he see things differently in all possible angles he may wanted it be the results are just exceptional.

The functional element of barrier separating the real form of unreal medium of images and the adulterated cloudy gassed lines creatively imposed a floating sort of dependence of the whole scenery. Reflections brings about the substance over form, the delineation of improving the fact and then its depth of three dimensional image our eyes can perceive. The conversational concept of effective reflection not only improve the spatial cube of a small, big, wide, narrow and even special shaped volumes exaggeration achieving the boundless perspective.

Try to insert the creative way of reflationary-design and experience the noble and distinctive adoration it’ll give to the end user or the critique professional and reap the rewards of countless exchange of ideas emanating from the simple idea of mirroring.

You’re in for a fruitful discussion by sharing yours with the author. Your comments and suggestions will help pave way for brighter and greater idea in using the mirror effect.  Paquito


Published by Paquito Montero

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