Think Before You Speak 101 Ways to Avoid Misunderstanding & Conflict

Think Before You Speak 101 Ways to Avoid Misunderstanding & Conflict

The words we’ve spoken are worth a thousand gold to anyone who hears it either it’s good or bad. By gravity it easier to analyze things out before we translate it into words, all things you throw up in the air will surely fall back flat in the surface of the earth that it passes first our head before our mouth and lastly the level of the heart. Wisdom-Words-Emotions are the chronological order of processes to express ourselves and be acceptable to the society. Here are my 101 ways to avoid being misquote and suggestions to seamlessly exert effort to win a new acquaintances in the end.

  1. Will he agree to it? If yes GO if NO think twice.
  2. Did she mention that? Yeah then ask why? Nah then ask the one who told you that.
  3. And he’s ready to listen, forget it.
  4. And he’s not really ready either, change topic immediately and smile.
  5. Now he’s really listening, slowly explore the win win situation and involve him with it.
  6. He shut the topic out, wait for the right time to open it up.
  7. Forum shopping she was into, stop talking about anything related to the topic.
  8. We’ve been thru this a couple of times, then why you need to do it again ask her politely.
  9. We’re kinda hitting it big time, ask how small it is and think twice.
  10. I assure you we won’t fail, pause and think of the assurance way he’s offering and trust your wits double time.
  11. This is the biggest challenge we ever have, think twice as you’re just hearing the forewords of the true problem at hand.
  12. Promises are made to be broken, not all the time amigo.
  13. Are you with me? That’s absurd he was listening all the time maybe it’s you who’s lost somewhere in the middle of the conversation. 
  14. Do you follow? Same as number 12
  15. She said this, I hear it this way.. Even you were confuse so forget about it and move on. 
  16. The Chairman is looking for the bad apples of the company, you’re facing one of them so beware.
  17. I’ll bet all for that and you should do the same, wait you got nothing to bet on aren’t you.
  18. So what’s your word for it? Oops don’t be fast saying any word at that moment.
  19. I swear I never did anything wrong, then why and what the fuzz all about.
  20. Trust me all will be alright, here we go again …
  21. One moment please, wait for your turn and say it convincingly.
  22. That taste really good, then give it a try and see it for yourself .
  23. I remember nothing and can’t recall any bits of it, he said it already right?
  24. I’ll pick you up at this hour and be sure you’re there at that hour, would it be local time or business time? See you can’t really make it on time so don’t agree but compromise.
  25. She’s damn good looking, see it for your own as no eyes have the same retina.
  26. Holy cow I said No! Leave ASAP
  27. That’s the real results of the trials and errors he’d been thru, there’s array of errors in every trial.
  28. Call me at night only at this exact hour, hmmm somethings fishy here.
  29. I believe in you and I never been the same to me, silly isn’t it.
  30. It’s as smooth as silk sailing for now, believe it and be ready for the rough ones ahead.
  31. I’ve seen your wife with somebody err…. Once you’re both home politely ask her to hear her side of the story.
  32. Your hubby seemed enjoying her secretary’s company.. Do the same as 31
  33. You’ve browse a text message in her phone, no need to ask just wait for her to tell you things out.
  34. You misspelled or called out your partner by others name, tell her up front how’d you end up saying it and look straight into his/her eyes.
  35. You’ve slimmed a bit honestly speaking, mean it and never joke about it. 
  36. If you were offered with food, politely say thank you. 
  37. If you offered and declined, try to understand and never feel upset about it.
  38. When somebody shouted fire, listen calmly and take a second look to verify and be the leader of the pack going out of danger.
  39. Never mix a joke with a serious matter, remember the boy who cried wolf.
  40. Respect waiters in the restos, you don’t have the last laugh I assure you.
  41. Cab drivers hold our life once we board their cabs so better learn to speak in a respectful and humble manner.
  42. Asking for directions? Speak directly to be understood firmly.
  43. Being asked for a direction do the same as 42 and tell straight if you knew not.
  44. When inside a hotel the best person to talk to is the concierge guy, of course in a polite way.
  45. When in suburbs always use their respective words of respect and you’ll surely get what you’re asking for.
  46. When in public park, be courteous to every child you bump to perhaps parks and playground are primarily made for our children.
  47. In a cocktail party? Why not spend the most brushing elbows with those you’re not familiar with.
  48. Driving at intersection? Give way first before you serve yours next and that’s noble.
  49. Walking the pedestrian lane? Do it with extreme care for others and last yours, that’s a gentleman act.
  50. In public restroom? Be courteous enough to the next user. Karma is reciprocal.
  51. You lose a bet? No ones to be blame but you, you place it there have you forgot.
  52. You won a bet, share the price and it’ll revert back to you BIGTIME .
  53. You see a missed call on your smart phone, return the call without hesitation. Somebody wanted you for a thing or two.
  54. You’re being ask of your opinion? Tell up front the real ones and no sugar coating.
  55. Drawn up before a pack of kids on the road, respect their plights as they don’t wanted to be in that situation either.
  56. Late to a meeting or date? Give them a call and tell the truth of your predicament. They’ll understand you and appreciate you in return.
  57. Inside the full packed train? Refrain to insert yourself and wait for the next one to come. Convenience to others is also convenience for you.
  58. Riding an elevator just one floor down, use the stair and you’ll learn something new along the way and add a bit cardio excercises for your own good.
  59. You lose a game, don’t blame but accept it naturally as its not whether you win or lose its how you’ve played the game.
  60. Somebody pushes you in a rush, put a smile on your face and wish him Goodluck to his destination.
  61. You unintentionally pushed someone, say sorry and help her regain her footing immediately.
  62. You’ve open a wrong restroom door, humorously say you thought you were the same as them and close silently. 
  63. Your credit card has been decline? Smile and accept the fact then tell honestly if you’ll pursue the purchase being made or move on and politely offer to pay in cash.
  64. The O.R being requested displayed a misspelled name, just ask the cashier to cross-annotate it and say thank you afterwards.
  65. Have you run over the neighbors garden grass? Offer to replace it for you not to be disturb of your appointment. 
  66. Are the orders arrive late but in less than two minutes? Speak politely with the crew and tell him of your expectation to their catchphrase regarding freebies.
  67. Entering the bank but expecting an important call, ask the guard where is the area for customers which allows to take a call anytime. But if none, get a number and ask the person you’re queueing that you’re next to her.
  68. Asking for extra bag at supermarket?  Make sure you pay for it as it’ll gonna be charge to the cashier manning the counter.
  69. Got into free taste promodizer? Say thanks even if you don’t like it besides they don’t push you to get one.
  70. Somebody ask for a favor to make use of your smartphone due to an emergency, get the number and dial it for yourself and put her into speakerphone.
  71. In case of sending text message kindly ask her the number and send it by yourself and wait for the response as this might be a matter of life and death thing.
  72. You received a bad email, look out from the direction of your screen and breath normally and take a second look this time you’re dissecting things of whys and how’s accordingly.
  73. Need to response to a bad email? Excercise the power of sleeping a night from it and comfortably read and reply the next day.
  74. The watch smith can’t seem to find the one you sent for repair, tell him that you’ll be back after an hour to claim it.
  75. You default on payment of your housing loan, coordinate immediately with the concerned person and it’ll surely listen and consider your honest reason, I repeat Honest Reason.
  76. The same as 75 for your car loan.
  77. The same as 75 for your condo dues.
  78. The same as 75 for your rental dues and better to write a promissory note afterwards.
  79. Inadvertently you’ve erased a name from the files with strict access code, notify the admin and tell exactly what you did to shorten the process of reinstatement of records entry and apologize big time.
  80. You’ve send a condolence message instead of congratulatory, call immediately the other line and express your sorry without any fanfare.
  81. If you’re talking to seniors make sure they feel your sincerity. 
  82. If you’re talking to a child the same effort is needed as 81.
  83. When buying a bargain make sure you’re really buying but if not, don’t haggle at all.
  84. If you mistakenly eaten a food the waiter place in your table but not really your order, offer to pay for it and Bon a petite.
  85. Never invite a person you don’t like so as to avoid stressors during the event.
  86. Unspoken words need not be considered as the same to those mentioned words to avoid conflicting views.
  87. Never try to fit a dress if you don’t intend to really buy it. This only double up the frustrating day of a sales lady.
  88. In asking for sizes try to have it at least by two different sizes to minimize the burden of the seller in scrounging his storage room.
  89. He offered you a stick of cigarette, politely say thank you to ignore it and never say anything bad about it as it might be his destressor way to relax, respect it.
  90. Join us for lunch, if you can’t make it  reply the soonest for her to expect you not and understand thereafter.
  91. He made a bad choice, cheer him up and say something nice he seemed not aware at. 
  92. You missed the flight home, chill out and explore the place after rebooking a schedule.
  93. Forgot to return the borrowed item as promised? No worries but offer to pay for it sincerely.
  94. You keep on struggling to be on time to work, ask for tips from everyone coming adjacent from your place and learn their tricks of making it on time.
  95. The ideal way to do it is…. Keep listening and agree in the first place to avoid the argument.
  96. Have you heard about the new couple in town? Wait for the perfect time to meet them and appreciate for yourself the real truth about them.
  97. Hesitant to do overtime works, explain convincingly the reason behind to be understood realistically.
  98. A plain clothes man claims he’s a six digit salaried pro, believe him for its not the way a man dress himself to but the way he can carry a good conversation with people. Remember there are a lot of people earning more at home than those going to office.
  99. You’re tryin to sell something to a man and he said sorry coz he doesn’t need it, say thanks and ask to be referred instead.
  100. I’m afraid of the dark, don’t you ever try to play joke by switching off the lights as you’re bound to the darkest hour of your acquaintance.
  101. My religion is … respect and be respected.

People need not to be identical in every single thing in this world to get along the society it is more important that we highly value ones ideals and beliefs It is in the understanding of each other’s norms and cultural acumen where a so called humanity must exist. Avoiding conflict is made easier if we put ones feelings first and hold the ground responsibly. Our career position or level of role starts and ends inside the four gray walls of the services were doing to have a decent life. The daily routine were rigorously spending outside is the most important role we must deliver to achieve  the best thing a freedom could bring and make our surrounding society a happy one without hatred and bashful words, without vengeful act but camaraderie and without borders but brotherhood. 

Have you think of a way to approach your nice friend to patch things up and continue the great companionship you’ve had.? Think twice about it and you’re in for a greater surprise … Happy reading, your comments are most welcome . Reach by sending your thoughts at this link 

Published by Paquito Montero

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