Transition of Government

Transition of Government

Jul 3, 2016, 5:14:37 AM News

The people have spoken and chose the new leader who'll manage the next six full years of the country. It was one of the most out of the box process the winning candidate have traverse. Touted as the most serious social media users in the world, The Republic of the Philippines political landscape have witnessed the coming of the factual results as almost near perfect with the surveys done by reliable and independent entity that aided the people to firmly scrutinize the 5 candidates of different political parties. The barometer of challenges have been in place and shall serve as the primary basis of performance level the next set of government executives are into. Our countrymen have been relying to the expedition of basic problem spanning from decade old insurgency mutual resolve in achieving peace up to the eradication of petty criminal activities of the syndicates operating in the whole country as the direct path to continue the societal progress and a safe community. Sixteen million people had expressed their vote of confidence to a leader whose comprehension to the management of a local government unit were felt even by those youngest member of his locality and wishing it'll do the same to the whole country. 

After the drama, mudslinging and all types of political bickering, unity were self promoted by the  previous and the incoming leaders as shown widely in the television the smooth transition of power as totally different with the previous years that a political unrest  is a tool to unseat the elected leader more than enough to shake the economy and reverberate its negative effect to the peoples lives and status. The aim to end work or job contractualization is the most sought after agenda everybody wanted to feel and ensure the job security it entails as a source of strength and inspiration especially those marginalized people . The end to stop the biggest menace to the society which is illegal drugs rampant use and its ill effects to its users as part of the priorities in order to maintain peace and order in every level of the community. 

The rarity of peaceful display of respect in highest form were perfected and is a good sight and sign to look at both here and overseas to unite the people and share the task with the same by politely asking the help to help heal the country and embark on a new journey as one.  

Social media played the biggest part during the campaign period that the winning candidate solely relied with the contributions from people of all walks of life who are hungry for the change in the form of leadership with preference to simple yet effective ways that can show drastic results immediately. True to its form and promises, people of ill-refute decided to come out and showed respect to the new leader with a single voice of surrender and be a part of the government rehabilitation programs and be accepted again in the society. It is the fatherly way of leadership that his children heeded to support and in their smallest way to be a part of the solution. The system of governance and importance of each echelons participation are secured through the appointment of previous great minds and managers of highest integrity are forming into a well oiled machine ready to tackle old and long standing issues the country has. The recitation of all faithfuls prayers and solemn integration of spiritual beliefs clearly signified a united front and respect. 

They say that the hardest part of a job is its start and the end as we both planned a modest entrance and graceful exit at the same time. In last Thursday's ceremony, the unifying words of wisdom and integrity were seen its merits by the superb acceptance of diplomatic guest in his own humble way without the fanfare of a first lady in tow, exemplifying the true virtue of respect for the highest job in the country which is the Presidency. Let us unite and support the management of the new leader of the republic, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Mabuhay!




Published by Paquito Montero

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