We're Singin' in the Rain

We're Singin' in the Rain

We have 2 seasons to be honest, though to some they have 3 or four. our’s belong to the tropical belt of the equatorial territory where rainforest are abundant. It’s wet season and for the next 2-4 months we will be experiencing the drench and its post effects ranging from flash floods, overflowing rivers and even receding shores for those living in the bay area. For us living the concrete jungle of the city, the post rain effect can be compared to a chaos of numerous days of slowed traffic, both for the vehicular and pedestrian aspects. Safety is of paramount concern of everyone and it is indeed costly in whatever way you wanted to fend it off. We are forewarned with those road signs and we do sometimes tend to underestimate the importance and lessons it’ll bring after taking a quick look with it. Here are my several Do’s and Dont’s in these wet time of the year.

Do these for your own good.

  1. Check your car, PMS is very important. You don’t wanna experience bog down in the middle of the road during strong rain.
  2. Plan your your ROUTE, as floods might be present to that corner road you’re frequently plying and it’s time to look for alternate road to avoid it.
  3. Listen to Public Service Radio programs, though you’re hooked to your favorite music streaming, listening occasionally to public service will guide you and a better understanding for the weather condition for the next 24 hours. And be serious about it.
  4. Do have an umbrella and other wet weather protection for your healthy answer to the its possible extreme effects such as acquiring flu, fever etc.
  5. Wear Boots in flooded area if it’s necessary.
  6. It’s time to wear those candy colored gloves in public to ensure you’ll avoid getting bacteria from those wet things you’ll be holding unconsciously especially in public.
  7. Dress up to the occasion, there is nothing better than wearing the right and proper grooming for the wet weather, cap, jackets, boots, ear plugs if you need it, shoals and other fabric to keep you warm and dry even in the wettest days ahead.
  8. Use a layered bags, or waterproofed bags to ensure your gadgets are safe.
  9.  Have a list of emergency numbers at hand just in case you need it, it’ll be done in a swift manner wherever you are.
  10. Make a little stock of your needs from foods to hygiene basics and of course have a spare cash at your disposal.
  11. Never ride a public transport which do you think is overloaded, dilapidated, wobbly-moving, unprotected from rain and smelly interiors due to moistened humidity as this will have a great effect to your respiratory system and can cause allergies.
  12. Be ready with your medicine kit, it’s the first line of defense you need to assure your family well being and make it to the medical facility when needed.

Don’t’ do these during rainy season also for your own good.

  1.  Never trust the public who’s telling you the flood water is as deep as this only. Go out of your car and observe and avoiding it is the best thing to address such situation.
  2. Never wade in flood waters, diseases such as leptospirosis, fungal infection and the like is the most common you can acquire and regret once you did.
  3. Don’t cross the road during strong rains, the chance of getting hit by a speeding vehicle is high due to poor visibility. Use the pedestrian wisely after ensuring that the traffic lights are working.
  4. Don’t be silly trying to be egoistic during the wet season, ignorance and negligence are the two words of caution to get you in danger. Be wise and smart as always.
  5. Don’t go out if it can be avoided. Staying home is the best and surest way to ensure you’re safe during storms.
  6. Take a cab or an app-based taxi for your convenience and get the flexibility effect it can give you like taking the train in passing flooded areas, stay in some public places while waiting for the rain to subside and without your car you’re more mobile trust me, Don’t bring your car if necessary during rainy day.
  7. Don’t eat those street oily foods. Rain soaked foods brings bacteria propagation due to change of weather. Flies and insects are out of their comfort zone as they don’t wanted also to get drowned. 
  8. Do not drive near the riverbanks especially during the heaviest rain and traffic. Inundation of soil is most likely should the river swell on the banks.
  9. Don’t forget to remove those soil or mud dirt from your soles before driving as this might cause you to slip from pedals and loose control of the car. 
  10. Don’t go home late at night, person of ill refute comes in pack and attack potential victims by pretending to be a group and mugged you in the end.
  11. Don’t push yourself to be the willing victim of disaster, reschedule those flights or ferry trips to avoid ending up one of the missing person from a plane crashed or ferry capsizing accident or disaster .
  12. Avoid those motorcycle in wet roads or avoid riding one during rain as slippery road is a great recipe of disastrous accident. 

These are only an introduction to your safe well being and must not only revolve within the stated. There are limitless options of bright and practical things to do in times of adverse weather condition whenever or wherever we are. Keep safe and enjoy the rainy season with hot soups and chocolate drinks with our love ones. 

Thank you for reading my blogs. Paquito

Published by Paquito Montero

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