A Conversation with Addison Lynn

A Conversation with Addison Lynn

Apr 22, 2024, 8:41:22 PM Creative

Join me as we delve into the world of literature through the eyes of a young reader, twelve-year-old Addison Lynn. In this special episode, Addison takes us through her favorite books, sharing the stories that have captured her imagination and ignited her love for storytelling.

Did you know that despite the joys of reading, many children in the US struggle with literacy? According to recent statistics, 61% of low-income families have no books at all in their homes for their children. However, Addison's love of reading offers a beacon of hope to encourage kids and their parents to pick up a book.

From J. K. Rowling to Rick Riordan and more Addison chats with me today, Monday, April 22nd at 7 pm Eastern time. You can listen in by dialing 646-668-8485. Follow and subscribe to our YouTube channel at PJCMedia, or, click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/12333443.

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