Being Happy with Your Success -- The Parker J Cole Show

Being Happy with Your Success -- The Parker J Cole Show

Oct 6, 2018, 9:41:09 PM Opinion

The Parker J Cole show kicks off the fall with an inspirational episode with the pastor of PJC Media Pastor George McVey.

How often have we reached the pinnacle of our efforts when we are trying to obtain our goals? We nabbed our first client, we opened our first shop, finished our first book, nailed the interview, or whatever it is we're trying to accomplish. We did it. We succeeded. And then we look around at someone else and realize, "Well, so-and-so, just closed a deal with this company." "He just opened up his third store." "She just finished writing her 10th book." Then we look at our accomplishment and think our accomplishment doesn't measure up to someone else.

Job 8: 7 “Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.”

Although this verse was used in the context of admonition (Job was being berated by his friends) we can still find a kernel of truth in these words that although our accomplishments are small, they will increase. How can we learn to be content with our successes?

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