Boys Will Be Men -- A Guide's Guide to Fatherhood

Boys Will Be Men -- A Guide's Guide to Fatherhood

Mar 15, 2022, 4:00:28 PM Life and Styles

You have heard it said, “boys will be boys.” But in this book, “Boys Will Be Men”, Christopher J. Weeks offers an up-close and personal view of how boys can and must become men, and eventually fathers. Sharing stories from his intimate experience with his own father, this book persuasively argues for the desperate need we all have for good dads.

Topics include...

Seeing life's difficult challenges as the road to manhood.

How a real woman can tame a man.

Why words from a father really matter.

The importance of Laughing, Singing, and finding Delight in your kids.

Perhaps the reason God the Father is not trusted in our culture is because we are bombarded with so many bad examples of human fathers. But in this book, you will get glimpses of how a good dad reflects the love and beauty of the Father who lives in heaven. Something society needs to witness more than ever.

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