Christian Fiction and Horror, the Perfect Blend

Christian Fiction and Horror, the Perfect Blend

Oct 7, 2021, 7:51:18 PM Creative

Every October, I highlight Christian authors who understand how Christian fiction and the horror genre work hand in hand. For some, hearing this may sound a bit odd. How can Christ be glorified in a genre that celebrates darkness, and demonic influences? How in the world can you say Christian fiction can be a vehicle in a genre that shows evil as the usurper of all good? How can you find enjoyment in darkness? We are supposed to be children of light. 

Those are fair questions and valid concerns so gather around the fire as chat with me and my guest co host Sean Rainwater today, October 7th at 7 pm Eastern time as we tackle the subject. We discuss Sean's sci-fi horror book, Hades Proper, we chat about our favorite horror flicks and why. We even delve into the difference between being disturbed by a horror flick and being entertained and what the implications are. There's so much to the conversation.

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