God's Grandeur: The Catholic Case for Intelligent Design

God's Grandeur: The Catholic Case for Intelligent Design

Jan 6, 2024, 6:42:03 PM Tech and Science

In an age of rising unbelief, top Catholic thinkers show how, more than ever, both science and reason affirm the words of the great Catholic poet Gerard Manley Hopkins: “The world is charged with the grandeur of God.” This book clears up common misconceptions regarding intelligent design, showing why it is an argument not from ignorance but from knowledge and how the evidence for God’s design of the natural world is growing by: exploring scientific evidence from experts in cosmology, paleontology, genetics, chemistry, and biology. Further, you will learn about the purpose of creation, transcendent beauty, and the distinctiveness of the human person. Lastly, the theology behind creation and how it reflects God’s glory and concludes with Dr. Anthony Esolen’s essay on the “symphonic order” of the universe, masterfully drawing from science, mathematics, literature, and philosophy.

Also included: What the Church really teaches about evolution How neo-Thomists wrongly apply Aquinas’s thinking to evolution; Characteristics that distinguish humans from the rest of creation; Why materialistic scientists resist the Big Bang Theory; How to understand the biblical account of Creation and more!

You will learn how the understanding of ancient philosophers and Aquinas regarding the mind-brain connection, coupled with modern neuroscience support intelligent design and the creation of man as not only a material being but a spiritual being.

The entire book will strengthen you as never before in the belief that the world is the creation of an intelligent and intentional Designer―One whose greatest longing is for you to spend all eternity with Him. Join me as I chat with Dr. Brian Miller from the Discovery Institute about this wonderful tome on Saturday, January 6th, at 2:00 pm EST. Listen in at 646-668-8485. Follow PJC Media on podcast platforms everyone. Click here: http://tobtr.com/12303335.

Published by Parker J Cole

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