Meditations for Caregivers -- The Parker J Cole Show

Meditations for Caregivers -- The Parker J Cole Show

Being a caregiver is hard work. It requires sacrifice, consistency, and a lot of care to help those in need. Caregivers are some of the most stressed out people who work in love, often for little reward. After all, their loved one is sick, or incapacitated physically and mentally. Caregivers often feel alone, stuck in a rut, and guilty for feeling that way. How can we help those who care for our loved ones?

On this episode of the Parker J. Cole show, we will be talking with returning guest, RJ Thesman as she shares with us her family's experience as they have cared for her parents, both who have had, and do have Alzheimer's. Through thoughtful insights, essays, journaling and so much more, we hope these meditations and inspirations will give care to the caregivers.

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Once upon a time, my mother bought me a Red Chief Tablet and a fat pencil. Both of these items were supposed to be for school, but I flipped to the first page and wrote a story. Ever since that day, even though I graduated to notebooks, binders and computers – I’ve been writing stories. Some of them were published as nonfiction articles and later – nonfiction books. Some of them I crafted as short stories and later – novels.

But whether I’m working in my office, sitting at a traffic light or observing the intricacies of people – I’m always writing.

Bio: RJ Thesman, author of the Life at Cove Creek Series, specializes in communications. As an author and writing coach, her credits include :

* 700+ articles

* 2 nonfiction books

* 3 novels

* 14 anthologies

* 6 Chicken Soup books

* Contributing writer for

With years of experience, RJ is a respected writer, coach and speaker. As a Certified  Coach, RJ specializes in Communications and Personal Development.

  • As a writer, RJ draws from a lifetime of experience and research.
  • As a coach, RJ helps other wordsmiths move toward their writing dreams.
  • These concepts follow through in her speaking venues as RJ shares the best way to Find Hope When Life Unravels.

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