Special Edition of Write Stuff -- Of God and Monsters

Special Edition of Write Stuff -- Of God and Monsters

As The Crossover Alliance is fond of saying, "The light shines brighter in the darkness"

This month, I am showcasing authors who write dark fiction from a Christian worldview. They write in stepchild genres such as paranormal, horror, or thriller categories. Why? While some mainstream Christian readers may frown upon this, but I submit that these genres have a wonderful capacity of showing the human condition. In a horror story, it's often about survival and damage control. Hard decisions are made to determine if help is the order of the day or if survival is. In monster stories, we come across an external enemy set on devouring us or destroying us. How do we fight against an adversary greater in strength than we are? In alien stories, often the scenario deals with a malevolent force seeking to invade and occupy the Earth. Can human ingenuity outwit these technologically advanced beings?

Of note, demonic activity is often parodied and made light of, but these authors I highlight know the reality of demonic influence and activity. They understand that without the power of the Most High, one cannot fight these things.

All in all, dark fiction is a genre that is compatible to Christian storytelling in a lot of ways. In this episode, author and publisher Jess Hanna and I discuss these things and more through the vehicle of pop culture, well-loved movies and scenarios and give a nod to edgy Christian publisher The Crossover Alliance on Wednesday, October 14th at 7 pm Eastern.

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Published by Parker J Cole

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