The Importance of Family -- The Parker J Cole Show

The Importance of Family -- The Parker J Cole Show

Dec 21, 2018, 3:12:48 PM Opinion

Why is the family unit so important? This may seem like a rhetorical question however, there are alarming trends happening in various parts of the world. The family unit is disappearing.

In Europe, major leaders who make policy for the masses have no children. Therefore, they have no one who has personal stakes in policies and laws which are enforced. Per couple, the rate of children being born is low. In Japan, we see an aging population and no youth to care for the elderly. Vast communities have emptied out. In less than a generation, it has been predicted by some that the ethnicity that is Japanese will cease to exist. This can also be seen in South Korea and the U. S. 

Yet, we all understand how important family is. Not so long ago, big families were considered the norm. Now, if a person chooses to have a passel of children, it's frowned upon. "Why would you want to have so many kids? In fact, why have any?"

Families are important because every member of that unit receives something to help in their own development. Fathers, mothers, and children all benefit from each other in so many ways. Even so, families help create a societal balance against a totalitarian State. "Be fruitful and multiply," is the command that God gave when He created the world. 

Join me as I chat with Anna Aquino and the importance of family. You can listen in at 929-477-1965. Or, click on the link here:

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