Tonight on the Write Stuff -- The Story of With with Allen Arnold

Tonight on the Write Stuff -- The Story of With with Allen Arnold

Sep 5, 2017, 2:32:29 PM Creative

I met Allen Arnold for the first time at the Southern California Christian Writer's Conference. He's a tall man with an air of contentment and peace about him that is tangible to anyone who is perceptive of it. I had the honor of sitting in his workshop. In the short time I was there, he blew me away with his insight into the gift that God gave me. The writing ability I've been blessed with. Yet, he drew me into a deeper appreciation for what the Lord has done. 

When I got back from the conference, I immediately wracked the Net and my contacts via the conference committee and told them I was looking for Allen. He graciously granted my request to be on this show. 

His words I haven't forgotten. Mind you, it's been a few months since the conference. Of particular thought was his word, "We're so concerned or honed in on doing things for God that we don't think about doing things with God." And let me tell you, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Do you want an intimate, deeper relationship with God through the gift of writing (or whatever it is) that God has granted you? I invite you to join Allen and I for this show. Listen in at 646-668-8485. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here:

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