Tonight on the Write Stuff -- Zimrah, Dream Singer

Tonight on the Write Stuff -- Zimrah, Dream Singer

A twenty-seven-year old prophecy. A song heard only in her dreams. Could they be declaring promises about her? About her freedom? Dare she put her trust in the One who is promising?

Judea, thirty years after the birth of Christ. A time when Rome ruled and women did not, especially if you were unlucky enough to be born an orphan. Life has dealt Zimrah only fear and disappointment. Sold into slavery before she was a week old, she has learned how to survive alone, at least during the day. At night she's alone with the Tormentors, angry, demonic forces that seek her destruction.

Then she hears it in her dreams, a Voice that that calls her the unimaginable: Daughter. It calls her to sing, calls her to hope in her freedom and the promise of unfailing Love. Night by night the Tormentors return until she dares to believe, dares to open her mouth and give her dream songs release. The result of her faith will lead her to so much more than she ever dreamed possible.

Her songs in the night attract the love of a handsome Roman officer. His promise of love echoes the Father's, but can she overcome a lifetime of loneliness and despair, to welcome love and become the woman the prophecy become the Dream Singer?

Join me as I talk with author Susan Valles, about her book on Tuesday, March 30th at 1 PM Eastern time. You can call in at 646-668-8485 and press 1 to be live on air. Download Stitcher on your mobile device. Follow us on Apple Podcast. Add PJC Media to Spotify and iHeartradio. Or, click on the link here:

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