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Born and groomed to be CEO, Darius is ready to run the family business, but when Jeffrey McCall names Andrew, Darius’ older brother, as McCall Resorts’ new CEO instead of him, Darius becomes furious. He’s determined to prove that CEO is his rightful place - and spearheading the construction of their new Houston resort is just the way to do that - except Kennedy Slaughter may be a bigger distraction than he expected.

Kennedy Slaughter becomes Slaughter Construction Inc.’s President after the sudden death of her twin brother and now bears the weight of the company’s success on her shoulders. When McCall Resorts hires her company to build their Houston facility, she works to make her brother proud and fights against anything that will hinder the project’s success - including the undeniable attraction between her and Darius McCall. What will it take for Darius and Kennedy to secure the success they desire and balance the growing emotional bond between them?

Win an ebook copy of WITH EVERY BREATH (BOOK 1) and WITH EVERY STEP (BOOK 2) by leaving your name below. One winner will be selected!

Join me as I chat with my returning guest co-host and contributor, Natasha D. Frazier about her McCall Family Series, on Tuesday, March 29th at 7:00 PM EST. You can listen by calling 646-668-8485. Subscribe to PJC Media wherever podcasts are heard. Or, click on the link here: #podcast

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