A Muslimah in the Crowd – Part 2

Reported by my sister:

Today I was driving to work, I stopped at the traffic light, a car stopped at my side and a man lowered his window.I heard things that I didn’t need to… I was called all names and all things, He called me a murder, a terrorist… he told me to leave this country and go back to mine. He was screaming so loud, I could see the hate in his eyes. I was so nervous I couldn’t even find the button to close my window….as if all this was not enough, he threw a can on me.
I didn’t even get the opportunity to tell him that I’m a revert…”

Living in a country where miscegenation is real, where the population is composed mainly of foreigner descendents with their own cultural traditions, different skin colors, believes and being considered as an open minded and peaceful country, it’s weird to believe that prejudice still exists.

But no matter what, people seem to make an effort finding a way to offend each other without any apparent reason….perhaps they just have some pleasure discounting their daily stress on someone that has nothing to do with their lives…

I like to believe they are just frustrated.

But the truth is that the lack of knowledge generates intolerance, and they come with their hateful speech without any fundamental base or knowledge accusing you of being what you are not just because of your appearance.

Remember that hateful speech comes normally accompanied by ignorance and these people lose all their speech kills and mental stability when confronted. I wonder why someone takes his time to curse someone else about something that he doesn’t even know about.

And for those Muslims who have that paranoia of “Prejudice is always against Muslims”, I gonna share something that happened to me some months ago, this was actually the first time I witnessed prejudice/xenophobia in my life:

I was with two foreigner friends of mine, showing them some exotic fruits (something really typical here) and I told them: What I like the most in this country is the smell of the fruits in the streets.

And an old man approached me asking: What do you find so special in this country? I didn’t understand where he was going with this question so I told him the truth: Well, indeed this country is not perfect, there are lots of bad points, but thanks God we also got beautiful things in it.
Suddenly he got full mad screaming at me: Not perfect? Go back to your own country, nobody called you here, you are not welcome. You are here stealing our money and jobs!!
I got confused, I told him: I’m already in my country sir, you seem kind of lost, you don’t even know what you are talking about, do you?
THEN he dropped that “pearl”: Go back to your Vodka, go die in the Russian winter

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Wait, what?

Russian winter, Vodka?

He might have thought I was a Babushka!

The Struggle is real.


But the thing is that people need to learn to hear more and speak less. In doubt of what to say, remain in silent and don’t go around talking about things you don’t know about.

After all, what will you achieve by being mean, releasing your stress on others, telling us to go back to “our country”?

It won’t make your day better, we won’t go anywhere, life goes on and nothing is going to change.


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