Ireland - Galway

Ireland - Galway

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In the West of Ireland lies the city of Galway, a well-loved spot for tourists and locals alike.



When travelling to Ireland, there are the names of a couple of bigger cities that immediately come to one’s mind, such as Limerick, Dublin or Cork. I personally had not heard about Galway before, but as it was near to the place we were staying at, we decided to drive there. And the city got a lot to offer!



There are about 75,529 inhabitants and the climate is rather mild due to the winds of the North Atlantic Current. Temperature extremes are rare, but the city is not immune to the quick weather changes which Ireland is famous for. You can start your journey with perfect sunshine, and ten minutes later it’s pouring, with the sun coming up again five minutes later. If you travel to Ireland, expect such a kind of weather. But fortunately the rain usually doesn’t stay for long and it’s easy to pass the rainy time in a café or a store or even under your umbrella.

And there sure is a lot to do and see here in Galway. Apart from the usual tourist stores, there’s a big shopping centre (with a lovely comic shop inside) and a lot of other shops where you can spend a lot of money if you’re willing. A list of shops can be found here:



In case you’re not so much of a shopper – there are plenty other things to do. One aspect Galway is well known for are the pubs. These pubs are not limited to drinking experiences, but also offer great food and a vibrant atmosphere!

There are some things to keep in mind if you want to have the full pub experience, however:

  • Smoking is not allowed inside pubs, restaurants or clubs
  • The legal age to buy alcohol is 18
  • Credit cards are not always accepted, so better always have enough cash with you
  • Closing time Sunday-Thursday is 11.30pm with half hour drinking up time.
  • Closing time on Friday and Saturday nights is 12.30am with half hour drinking up
  • Late Bars serve until 2am with half hour drinking up time
  • There’s often live music, especially on weekends


If you want drinks or are in for a lunch break, here are my recommendations for you:

Café Express

I’d always stop there again! Lovely staff, speaking a couple of languages, awesome coffee and the sandwiches are simply tasty and brilliant! The prices are also very good and affordable!



The Lane Café

This café is hidden in a street also offering entry to the Hall of the Red Earl which is more than worth a look!

The café is really cute, offers a lot of drinks and few snacks. The staff is lovely and price-wise it’s not at all expensive.



If you’re more interested in cultural activities, Ireland’s Cultural Heart – as Galway’s also called – will not let you down at all! There is a lot to explore, so be sure to travel to Galway with enough time to really experience the city!



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