Thailand – Bangkok -Shopping Malls

Thailand – Bangkok -Shopping Malls

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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, with over 12 Million inhabitants, sure offers a lot: Modern life and historical sights; Places of calm and streets filled with action. You can either pick one of the many taxis, take a boat or even look for one of the tuc tucs to travel through the city if you don’t want to walk through the endless streets.




Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time in Bangkok, but still I saw and experienced a lot. The first day we decided to check some of the shopping malls, which was the best we could have done as it simply poured that day and the rain only stopped quite late at night.

The easiest way to reach the numerous shopping malls is with the help of the BTS trains. There are two lines and you can change from one to the other on one stop. You can also easily walk from one station to the other, and price-wise it’s easily affordable.

Here’s a list with some more shopping malls, in case our three are not enough for you:

We, however, first headed to the MBK Shopping Centre, conveniently located right at the BTS stop ‘National Stadium’. We simply walked on, followed the signs and then entered the first shopping area – which actually was the Tokyu Department Store.



Our bags were checked when we entered the building and there were a lot of guards present. I don’t know if that was only due to the recent explosion in Bangkok that year or if this is a general thing. But even if it is, the guards are really friendly and patient.


The floor greeted us with clothes as far as the eye could see. Price-wise it wasn’t the cheapest, but so interesting to see what they all sell there. The Department store also sells other goods, but we did not stay there for so long – instead we headed over to the MBK which is directly linked to the Department Store. If you cannot find the way (like we did), simply ask one of the guards there and they will help you, although your ability to talk English won’t really help you. Most people I encountered there did not speak English at all.

MBK is huge. One can easily get lost when wandering through it. But, we did find what we came for – we were told that if we were looking for electronics, we should head to MBK. And indeed we found that just for a good price!



The other mall we then headed to is the biggest in Bangkok and one of the biggest in the world – Central World.

You can actually walk there from the MBK, following the BTS pathway.

Central World is bigger and a lot shinier than MBK. More modern, more western in its design and stores. You can eat ice-cream there, enjoy English tea, or buy the shoes you also spotted in the stores at home.



Central World is mainly one thing: incredibly huge!

You can easily spend an entire day here and still have the feeling you haven’t seen everything yet!

For the Nerds and Anime Fans among us: there are also two shops here for your needs. One is selling Manga and Comics and the other one sells figures. But I could not find really new figures there and price-wise it was a lot more expensive than I expected to be honest. So, no, I ended up buying nothing anime related.

But all in all the Central World is a really interesting shopping mall and worth a close look!

In front of the mall is some space with a car exhibition and a food market that weekend. They played life music and sold fresh food, all in all a really interesting mixture.



The last place we visited was  River City.


It’s really small compared to all the over malls we saw, and different as well. Whereas you can shop to your heart’s content in the other malls, this one offers a lot of tailors and an art exhibition upstairs. It’s more a house to some art, filled with food options and tailors. Interesting, but price-wise really expensive and actually not really worth a visit.


You can instead head to one of the other malls of which are plenty in Bangkok. But, we aware of the fact that you will probably experience more of the Bangkok feeling when you’re not only heading to the malls, but will also take some time to venture deeper into other parts and look for the areas not much frequented by tourists.



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