Thailand - Hua Hin

Thailand - Hua Hin

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Hua Hin is a lovely spot in a beautiful country. You can simply enjoy the beauty of nature, explore the many food options or simply go shopping. But for the people who are also interested in doing some sightseeing and exploring here’s my blog entry about the areas we visited and the temples we saw.



There are, of course, more than that, but these were our picks and here is my story about these places which maybe will serve as an inspiration for your visit to Hua Hin!


Before I give you details abour our sightseeing, first some details about the Hua Hin region:

Hua Hin, meaning Stone Head, named after the rocks at the north end of the soft sand beach is a an area with a 5 kilometer long beach and a lot of activities, both for adventure seekers and those loving the calm. The city itself is rather clean, full of night markets and not overrun by tourists. The king resides not too far from Hua Hin, so it’s presumed to be one of the safest and cleanest area of Thailand.

Hua Hin is about 3 hours from Bangkok, filled with trees, temples, beaches and sunshine.

Talking about beaches, the first lovely aspect to experience there is in fact:

The Beach

The beach of Hua Hin is really lovely. The sand is soft and you can take a long walk, do some horseback riding, try a jet ski, buy scarfs from local sellers or simply enjoy the sun and the waves against your feet.

But be aware of the rather big difference between high and low tide. Also don’t take the hotel’s warnings signs about jellyfish lightly – there are a lot. Small brown ones and white ones you can hardly see in the water. One person got stung during our stay there and she had quite a nasty scar. So, if you want to swim in the sea – be careful.



Hilton Hua Hin Sky Bar 

This is not really sightseeing – but it’s a tip from me personally! If you want to have a great view over the coast and Hua Hin itself, go to the Hilton Hotel and take the lift up to the top. There you can either get one of the great drinks or simply enjoy the view!



Hua Hin city (+ night basar)

The city of Hua Hin is of course a must see when you are in the area! There are a lot of stores, quirky houses, restaurants at the beach, a night market with lots of booths. Overall there really is a lot to see!



Hua Hin station

Hua Hin station is a rather small one, but the architecture is really lovely! It’s just across the city centre and a short walk from there.


Chopsticks Hill (Khao Takiab)

You can easily reach this hill via the local busses – it’s the final stop! From there on you walk a short way, turn around the corner and then you already see the big Buddha!

You pass some booths selling good presents for the friends at home, then walk over the sand and up the stairs. There is a restaurant, but we didn’t try it that day. A little bit further up there’s some sort of café with some seats offering a lovely view over the coast. If you then walk up you pass the monks who are selling goods as well. Then you’re already right in front of the Buddha.

You can, if you want to, take the steep stairs behind a small house, to even get a better look over the entire area. But be warned – if you are not used to the climate, these stairs are hell!

We were warned about the apes beforehand, but they did not even look at us. I don’t know if that was due to the heat during our stay – but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.



Wat Khao Lan Thom

This small temple is near the Wat Khao Takiab – basically just across the street. We stumbled upon this temple when we visited Wat Khao Takiap. It’s a short walk from said temple and really easy to find.

The temple itself looks really lovely and there is even more to explore. Visually quite stunning.

The monks, however, more or less ignored us and moreover ignored the fact that there are two dogs which were almost aggressive, barking and growling at us. If I would have been alone there, I would not have walked near the smaller temple in the back and I refrained from taking a closer look. It was actually quite disappointing that the monks walked away from us when they heard the barking and did not even bother to have a look.

So: visually stunning and really worth a visit. But be aware of the dogs and thus don’t go alone.



Wat Nong Kae

Wat Nong Kae is a monastery in Hua Hin, near the main street and almost impossible to miss.

It’s nothing unusual, but when you’re in the area – hop by and look at the beautiful buildings. But be aware of the dogs there, though they are not really aggressive, simply cautious of possible intruders.



Klai Kang Won Palace

We originally went there because I wanted to see it. My parents waited outside as they were not really interested.

First of all you have to pay an entrance fee – either 60 baht if you want to enter the second floor as well, or simply 30baht. And your shoulders and knees should be covered, otherwise you have the option to lend something inside – for a deposit of 100baht and/or your passport.

When you walk inside, you first have two small rooms on either side with information and pictures about the king. Then you can enter the residence, which is a lovely building and interesting mainly because of its architecture.



As already mentioned, there is of course a lot more you can see and visit. In case you need some more inspiration, here are some links to other pages listing what you can do in Hua Hin:

You can also easily approach one of the local tourist agents who will often talk to you on their own and book a unique trip, choosing the spots you want to visit. But if you do this, haggle with them and set a price before you sit down in the car and drive off with them.



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