God Provides a Feast!

God Provides a Feast!

The supermarket entices with every variety of food under the sun: fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables; meats and poultry; breads and pastas; condiments and candies; pastries and ice cream; Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and Indonesian delights. The variety overwhelms.

The market place bustles with vendors of food from every continent: hot dogs, elephant ears, ice cream, pizza, exotic foods that tempt the palate. The selection is endless.

The buffet table beckons with salads hot and cold, main dishes, side dishes, and oh, the desserts! There’s enough for second helpings–and leftovers, too!

Food: fragrant, enticing, exhilarating, delighting the palate, gladdening all the senses.

Now if God would only do something about the calories!

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Published by Patricia Robertson

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