Love Still Trumps Hate

We are alive! Can you believe it? I think it will all be okay. This blog post will begin to skim the reality of what I believe we as a citizenry, irrelevant of government, need to do for our society to get to the next stage. It’s apparent we all want change not only am I able to free write during my concussion recovery, but it is good for me and I thoroughly enjoy trying to put my reality into words.

In regards to my belief that the more diverse our community is the higher we are able to raise the ceiling. The glass ceiling, to me, is loving and consciously questioning how our actions affect our small and only planet.  Our species evolved to be so complex, due to the diversity of the natural environment. The diversity in-between you, I and us has the ability to make us even more complex and resilient as a species and a society. Let’s not shy away from our differences. Let’s not allow fear to rise any higher than it already has. Let’s conquer the problems of the 21st century. Let’s be the environmental leader our world so desperately needs. Let’s be the good guys, no matter what. Let’s surpass our expectations of what it means to be an American. Let’s become a singular force demanding environmental consciousness. We need to unite as a nation so we have the power to influence China and the rest of the world to follow our footsteps when it comes to combating climate change.” 

The election is over. When problems arise it is only a waste of time to complain about them. Let’s figure out what we are going to do. If I have learned one thing it is that we cannot expect our government to do everything; we as a community must take the responsibility by taking action. We will pull the government in the proper direction, to be inclusive of everyone.  There is a lot of hate going around, that is simply just a result of miscommunication, over the years and even generations throughout our country.  We have lost touch to one another. We are connected at the tip of our fingers, yet eye contact is fleeing away. Are we really using our technology in a proper and mature fashion?  Yes, we need to take physical action, but to really sustain our planet we are going to need to expand the consciousness of our citizenry. My plan was to be an Engineer to influence our world towards sustainability, but my debilitating symptoms are hindering my old plan. Oh well, I am just going to express my heart through words – to hope we can come together and love the world. 

Let’s work with one another and find the proper solutions to our global climate problem. Let’s work with the rest of the world to make this a better place. Let’s be the role models we want our children to look up too. Let’s build bridges for our children to explore the world and see all the wonder it has to offer. Let’s simply love over these next four years and see where it can take us”

Why I believe we must come together:

We must come together for the sake of the environment. If our progress against climate change is being strangled or simply if it is not exponentially growing; we must get together and walk the streets in the United States, in the millions. We are stronger together no matter whose slogan that is.  Everything happens for a reason, at least that is my superstition. To me, the environment needs humanity to come together. I have faith in the American people that a decision by the government to shut down the Environmental Protection Agency #EPA and/or similar agencies will be the final straw for our society. We will forget our differences and come together. This election has shown that we all want change and I believe our common denominator is the environment.

A personal note on why I am blogging:

Anyways, creativity is good for anyone but it is the one thing I would say I need to continue accessing.  I can feel myself going up the road of recovery, when I am on my ideal plan. I have been a little side tracked by trying to adapt to having obligations. I know that sounds funny but I promise whether I am coaching hockey or watching T.V. – I am always at work. I am not saying that I cannot enjoy working at all, but to me dealing with the symptoms so I can be a sane human being is basically a full time job. That comes out to complain(y). It seems that I have found a way to be quite happy but that is not a realistic method of lifestyle in today’s world... well, yet. I am seeing a neuropsychologist soon and the point is to help me find a lifestyle that will work for me.  My desire is to leave this earth with more positivity than when it brought me here, which is inclusive of myself and the natural world.  What is really difficult for me is that I have thought for so long, years on years, about how I am going to combat the destruction of our home, the environment.  I have been waiting for this year to come so I could start my journey fighting for the environment through engineering applications. Presently, I am at the point that after I focus for a couple minutes my experience becomes blurry just as a storm can cause a T.V. to receive a signal blurred behind static. It doesn’t look the same but even worse the feeling is unimaginable and diverse every morning. Maybe after I start talking with this doctor I won’t need to whine so much about my internal problems and spend my time providing aid to the cause of sustainability. I hope you can all find peace with what is going on around the world these days.

I have a question for anyone that may happen to read this.  If our government begins to dismiss climate change as a hoax, how will you react? Will you walk the streets? Will you go to work? If this does not seem like a big deal to you, do you have any desire to provide a healthy environment for our children, grandchildren, and a continuance of our generations for an infinite time down the road of life? Or do you simply not care if humanity goes extinct in 100 or even 250 years? To not care, is a stress reliever but it is a lonely road, of course that is from my personal understanding. 

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Our hearts should be behind our every step, our every word, and simply our every breath.


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