Perceptive Gardening

I am inherently a naturalist.  So being taught how to grow fruits, vegetables, vines, trees, flowers and everything else by the hands of my grandparents, is coherent with my state of mind – prior to and after my head injury.   This is my first time experiencing a seed crack into life and thrive into a mature life form. Life, in regards to our garden, religiously matures, on a daily basis. Being surrounded by the tedious effort of plants to improve just a small amount every day is the perfect environment for my concussion recovery. Plants really end up growing right under your nose, at least those little buggers get me every time.. well except for the methodical bell peppers – time is just an inconvenience to them. I guess that’s okay because that’s how I believe I can create an optimal environment for the road up recovery lane.  Gardening can be postponed a day if I am not feeling well – so it’s a great choice of activity for my concussion recovery. The plants really prove to me that slow and steady will win the race and that is the most valuable reality when it comes to my concussion recovery. I am not joking though. It is very difficult to keep my mind satisfied when I am not able to be working and you know, just being normal in that sense. Don’t worry, I have no desire to be perceived as normal! But anyways, the influence of the plants helps me look at life from a different perspective – and just try to be here now, moment to moment. It’s tedious but that is what I believe is necessary to rewire my neurological connections.


Published by Patrick Bridgman

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