Dec 9, 2016, 9:33:03 PM Creative

I’m a big fan of movies. I love how movies provide analogies for our every day life. The X-Men series in particular shows exactly how our society in relation to  individuals with gifts and talents. Think about it… people with rare and special talents are forced to hide and suppress their gifts because of lack of understanding and fear from society. Anything foreign to the majority is somehow deemed a threat and must be controlled or even  destroyed  . We live in a time where great people, ideas, and causes are looked at as strange or evil because the few have the courage to exercise their talents and gifts… the ability to risk failure for the reward of self achievement .  We have special people among us, but we will never know, because we discourage and look down on game changers, the visionaries, the transformational thinkers and the great leaders mainly because we have trained ourselves to stay comfortably in our regular mundane existence, never challenging ourselves to see how great we can become. that in itself… is a travesty. However we have hope… We have thousands of Professor Xavier’s among us who are leading the world’s New Age Mutants… The SUCCEX-MEN. People like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Will Smith, James Carey, Lisa Nichols, just to name a few, who are inspiring millions to become the super heroes that they were meant to be… Refusing to ask the world permission to be great. Entrepreneurs who are inspiring the masses to permanently cancel the phrase “I Cant” out of their everyday vocabulary and speech. Change agents who are impacting the world, one cause at a time. Stand strong… All is not lost… The SucceX-men are among us. The world will be saved.

Published by Paul Glass

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