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What does Value mean to you? How much Value do believe you possess? Do others see Value in what you say or do or in gifts or talents that you have? Those are the questions that I seek to help you answer. By definition, Value is described as:

the amount of money that something is worth : the price or cost of something
: something that can be bought for a low or fair price
: usefulness or importance

Lets focus on the last definition….Usefulness or importance….So Value means providing something that is useful or important to someone or something. How do examine your value?? Are you valuable to your employer?…Are you valuable to your family??…Are you providing value through works or acts??? You see

Value is based on perception….Whose perception is the most important question. If you don’t believe that you bring no significant usefulness or importance to anyone or anything….Others will merely agree and treat you accordingly.I believe Value is an inner quality…an energy that attracts those who believe and possess those similar perceptions of their own importance. The saying ” we get what we believe we deserve” comes from how you Value yourself, your abilities and ultimately what you think you deserve to have on the is earth.

Colin McGregor, UFC Featherweight Champion  and the biggest name in the sport , believes in his individual value, so much that he feels that the UFC would cease to exist without him and that he is primarily responsible for the estimated 4.2 Billion dollar net worth of the company. His perception lies in his supreme confidence and belief and  abilities that he has refused to allow anyone to diminish his self stated market value. Thats an example of standing on your own belief in your Value, even when others may have slightly or greatly different opinions of that value….Know and acknowledge your Value. What if we all adopted that mindset, never settling for what someone believes we are entitled to….

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