A Journey With God

Today I was doing something different from my usual office work, instead of staying in the office all day, I was to go to Limuru Law Court to pick up a summon of appearance for one of our clients( don't worry, law stuff haha). I have never been there before but was directed by one of my co-workers. On my way there I had doubts all the way if I had boarded the right bus, kept asking the driver if he's sure the bus was going to Limuru but due to God's grace I got there well and finished my affairs. On my way back I took a different bus which was labeled Nairobi Express and upon starting the journey, the driver used a different route compared to the one I came with. Doubts started kicking in. He started driving to the direction of Nakuru and at that point I was certain it was the wrong bus. Even started having thoughts that the signboard I saw written Nairobi Express was Nakuru Express . At that point those two words looked very alike. Placing my doubts on the driver I started to plan on how I will have to board another bus from Nakuru to Nairobi again, putting in the reality that it's January and every penny counts. Just when my mind was playing games on me to the Max, I saw a sign written, "To Nairobi ". Turns out, that was the way to join the highway going to Nairobi. Laughed at myself not even seeing the point I was paranoid. This got me thinking, as Christians we all have that moment that we sometimes doubt God's presence and the way he is leading us in our lives. At other times we even create a plan B just In case God's plan doesn't work out the way we want. We may trust him with our body and hearts but we tend to doubt if it's actually him direction us in this unfamiliar situations. Sometimes we feel like waiting for him to answer may take longer or even maybe he misunderstood the destination we may want to go, but all he asks for is for you to put faith in him and let him be the driver of your life. Place all the trust in him and let him drive you to the destination that you desire and even better from the one you imagined. God's plan never fails and it's about time we all do away with plan B. It may be hard or feel disoriented but it's a hundred percent worth it. Remember, you don't travel to God but you travel with God. The journey with him starts with one small step, the one you take with trust and faith in him. He doesn't expect you to run for miles, but be sure he will be there with you and grant you the strength to go the distance. Let's not be 50/50 Christians, let's give him all of us so he can give us all of him.

Published by Paul Kariuki

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