The Baby in the Mirror

The Baby in the Mirror

There’s someone in the house! And not an invited someone either. This person didn’t come through the front door and never seems to truly leave. This someone seems to lurk in the shadows most of the time and shows up when you least expect it. You could be passing by, you turn, and all of a sudden, you’re face to face with a stranger.

Baby with a quizzical facial expression

Who is that stranger?

I have been observing this person for a while. At first we were both cautious of each other but now we’re quite familiar. This person isn’t a stranger any longer. I might even go so far as to say that we’re friends. Maybe even good friends. Yes! Definitely good friends.

It turns out that this person is another baby girl just like me! She lives in all the mirrors in our house and she’s actually very friendly once you get to know her. She smiles at me every time I see her and when I reach my hands out to her, she always reaches right back. We have a great rapport.

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The two of us have a lot in common. We seem to like all the same things. We feel exactly the same way about everything at exactly the same time. The baby in the mirror is just as excited to see me as I am excited to see her, and we both show our excitement by kicking our feet.

I’ve seen her in all the mirrors in our house but my favourite place to socialize with my new friend is by the front door. That’s the largest mirror in our house and I can get right up to it and touch it. Mommy holds me facing forward in front of her and lets me play with the other baby. We talk, smile at each other, giggle, and touch hands.

When mommy sees me play with the baby in the mirror, she says I might be ready to meet other babies soon. There are other babies? Where? I thought it was just the two of us. Mommy says I have to wait until I can sit up without help. Then she will try to find me some baby friends. I can’t wait to meet other babies. I will introduce them to the baby in the mirror and then we can all be friends!

Infant sitting propped up by a pillow

Isn’t this type of sitting good enough?

Every time I look for the baby in the mirror, she is always there. It’s almost as if she is waiting for me on the other side of the mirror all the time. I hope she isn’t lonely. I better practice my sitting skills so that I can introduce her to some more baby friends. I bet she would like that.

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