The Good Morning Song

The Good Morning Song

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I love mornings! I wake up so well rested in my bed. I stretch, yawn, and take a look around me. Then mommy comes in to get me. Somehow mommy always knows when I’m awake.

It's almost time for the good morning song!

It’s almost time for the good morning song!

Mommy and I have a morning routine that is the same every day. First, mommy comes over to my bed to say good morning and ask me how I slept. When I see mommy in the morning I get very excited. I kick my feet and give her a big grin. Sometimes I get so excited that a yelp escapes from my mouth. Mornings are the best!

Next mommy opens the curtains to let the sunshine in. Then mommy picks me up and she sings our good morning song while we have our morning snuggle. It’s the best part of the day.

Music is one of my favourite things. Sometimes I even join in when mommy sings. Maybe you can join in too. Here is our good morning song.

In the sunshine we will play,

because we’re ready for the day.

The moon has gone away,

and the sun is here to stay.

We’ll have fun and games today,

because we’re ready for the day.


Published by Peachy Little

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