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I'm the author behind the website 'Inside the Oyster', a website where I share stories, inspiration and opinions about the world around me. Articles which are hopefully more than skin deep. 

People say ‘the world is your oyster’ – well I’m trying to dissect what that actually means to each of us as individuals. What kind of happiness are we all seeking…what am I seeking?

In an ideal world we all want to wake up happy and contented each morning, having the freedom to explore the world around us – but often the reality of life is very different, and everything from money to self-confidence can try its best to stop us from finding happiness or reaching our potential.

So I discuss all kinds of topics and take a deeper look below the surface. I want to be open about the experiences I’ve had, and hopefully connect with like-minded people. 

By shedding the ‘gloss’ so often seen coating everything we post or read online – it is my hope that the internet doesn't need to be full of unobtainable, irrelevant and false realities  - and that actually it's much more interesting to look at what's real in life. Get back in touch with what really generates happiness. 


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