Should we feel for Kim K?

Should we feel for Kim K?

Oct 6, 2016, 12:26:34 AM Life and Styles

It's been fairly impossible to ignore the recent robbery which took place in Paris, concerning global mega-star (whatever that entails) Kim Kardashian. The media have been in a frenzy over the details ever since the incident occurred, and Kim was ushered to safety in her private jet.

The question is, which side of the fence should we sit on? Should we roll our eyes and tell ourselves it serves her right, for flaunting her extreme wealth and love of material possessions in the public eye, or should we look at the human being held at gunpoint, and feel sorry for her dreadful ordeal? 

Being mugged or robbed is a petrifying experience, and having gone through it first hand down a dark lonely London street, I can easily imagine some of the thoughts running through Kim's head as these masked men stormed into her room. 

For me, it was just a mobile phone that was taken, but of course it's not just the phone that the person takes, they take your sense of security, your confidence and for a little while at least, they rob you of your faith in humanity. I used to call my Dad every Friday night at around 7pm, as I walked home from the bus stop, but I don't call anyone on my mobile in public now, especially after dark. The fear that I'll miss those footsteps running up behind me, as a stranger grabs me in the dark, keeps me from even contemplating it.

The police tell you not to let it affect your behaviour, not to let it stop you living your life - but it does change things, it can't not - even if you do your best to keep your chin up and brush it off. Will Kim be telling herself the same things right now, or will she change her behaviour in light of what's happened?

Will she regret being so focused on sharing pictures of her diamonds and gems with the world, flaunting the luxury that so many people couldn't even dream of. Or is she blissfully unaware of any 'blame' she should feel, instead blaming her team or her security for not protecting her more effectively? It's impossible to say at this point.

What is revealing, is that during a weak when Hurricane Mathew is ripping it's way through people's lives across the Caribbean, and aid convoys in Syria are being blown up...Kim's attack has still been the top trending story across the news this week. 

Many people are voicing their feelings about whether she had it coming or not, including people who worked closely with her, but most of us can agree it's not a position we'd want to be in, diamonds or no diamonds. 

Life can be cruel, and it doesn't matter if you're suffering because you've been robbed, or because you're house has been blown away. Feeling lost, insecure and weak is not something that wealth can protect you from, but of course having money will cushion the blow and help you rebuild. An emotional rebuild can take a little longer however, and all I can hope is that when Kim comes out the other side of this, she has a greater understanding of what is really precious in life and what cannot be bought.  




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