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Taiwan street snacks are a must try when visiting Taiwan. However street snacks such as bubble tea and chicken cutlet are becoming way overrated, there are many undiscovered street snacks to be discovered. Thus today, I shall share with you my favourite street snacks of Taiwan and the must tries! 

1. Taiwanese Desserts! As the country has abundant land, growing local produce is no issue for them. Thus growing sweet potato and taro are made easy. WIth home grown produce, products are bound to be fresh and natural! Therefore in their desserts, there are taro and sweet potato balls made from fresh produce. These balls are chewy and soft and so adorable to eat. They are usually eaten with beancurd or shaved ice, both desserts highly popular in the country as well! 


Taiwan are well-known for their shaved ice as well. They have tons of variety from chocolate to strawberry and kiwi flavours. 

2. BEEF NOODLES! If you are vegetarian, I am sorry but this favourite might not be suitable for you. But for the meat lovers out there, you have to try beef noodles when in Taiwan! Their noodles are usually handmade, thus the bite of the noodles have a slight difference from those in packages. Their beef chunks are mostly cooked in the broth over a period of time, thus tenderness are assured. And the broth is what drawn me to the small corner stall. It is fragrant and you could smell the herbs and spices used just a few meters away, such a treat when eaten on a chilly and cool day. 

3. DUMPLINGS! Dumplings are like nuggets of goodness. Succulent minced pork wrapped in a thin skin to contain the yummy juices from the pork after they are steamed. Be careful when consuming as the soup in the dumpling could scald your tongue. Suck/Drink the soup in the dumpling first before devouring the dumpling! Taiwan have a variety of dumplings, from steamed to fried, thick bun style to thin soup style. 


4. Oyster Omelette! This requires acquired taste, thus it is either you love or you hate it. This dish plays with texture and taste. A chewy texture from the flour used while cooking the omelette and crispy from the frying of the omelette. Savoury and sweetness from the omelette and the sauce. What I love about this dish is from the different textures the omelette provides, it is also packed filled with flavours as the oysters are lightly fried to flavour the omelette. 


5. Last but not least, crepes. This is not your usual thin crepe cooked on a flat hot iron pan. Usually, these crepes in Taiwan are deep fried! It is the fillings that are unique and what makes it a yummy treat. Some are stuffed with dough fritters, usually eaten as breakfast with a cup of warm soy milk. Some are served with a deep fried egg, with the yolk bursting out when you take a bite at it. 


I am certainly not doing justice for all Taiwan street snacks, however these are my main highlights when I took a trip to Taiwan a while ago. Their fresh produce makes their street snacks delicious and fresh. They are creative with their food and very innovative. But do keep yourself hydrated as their street snacks consist of lots and lots of oil. Do give yourself a treat while in Taiwan, and push the word 'dieting' to the back of your head while you are there! 

Well, that is it for today. I hope you have enjoyed this piece. Thank you for reading and till next time, See You! 

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